Saturday, January 19, 2013

Spring Summer 2013

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Who are the designers to look forward to this Spring.... I am personally the biggest fan of 'Manish Arora' and his label 'Fish Fry' since my college days and he never disappoints me. This spring, his collection is inspired by all things India, of course and has a royal/ vintage appeal to it. The models' face make-up included a very Indian, very royal and vintage piece of jewellery and it's variations.
 This collection reminds me of 'Coven' for 'Rio De Jenero' and the designer's SS2011 collection in a good way.

Here, from the archives-

The other designers I am loving for SS2013 are- Philip Lim- Now, the dungarees are back for the adults and who better to look to than Mr.Lim with the brightest and cutest version in his runway show!

And finally, can not finish my post without the mention of Proenza Schouler and their fabulous dresses for the spring.

Manish Arora

Philip Lim

Proenza Schouler

All the pictures taken from

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The WORST dressed: Golden Globe Awards 2013

Girl! You've seen the best of the Golden Globes pouring in from all over the Internet, now just sit back, relax and ponder over these massive fashion blunders that appeared at the red carpet event...

Alicia Vikander in Chanel haute couture
I know it's winters and all and that snow is everywhere, along with the falling flurries, you might be in love with marshmallows and furry teddy bears!!! But Girl! Seriously!! Is this the BEST you could do?
Jessica Chastain in custom Calvin Klein collection
 Oh! For the love of GOD!! Need I say more?
Olivia Munn in Giorgio Armani
 I'll only say this... You look like the most stylish and the most expensively dressed Hawaiian waitress..
Rachel Weisz in Louis Vuitton
 Honey!!! It makes you look short to say the least, black does not look flattering in this silhouette, not on you at least and seriously!!! Think before you step out of your house/ make-up van?/ anywhere, is this the best you could do with sheers? Don't you know Prabal Gurung maybe, did you look at what the others wore? Duhh.
Sarah Hyland in Max Azria Atelier
 Again!!! How can people go sooooooo.... wrong with BLACK this year! Really, it does nothing more than damage for you, this dress. And I know you are growing up and all and trying to figure out your style, but THIS????
All photos from website

Friday, January 11, 2013


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What are you doing this weekend? Any plans to roam around the city or you prefer cuddling in with a glass of wine? I for one am not very sure how much outside sun I will take in, considering it is gloomy like hell with clouds filling up the Toronto skies this weekend... But I do plan to go out shopping for some necessary household items.

Nothing fashionable just some things in need, I am going to buy a humidifier- the dry heat in apartment is literally killing me, a juicer- I am planning on a juice fast soon (more in depth below), some new bedspreads- you might already know, my dogs sleep with us on the bed, rain and melting snow means more dirt and mud marks, in turn, frequent laundry visits...

Also planning a trip to the Toronto Zoo, but it all depends on how the weather turns out on Sunday.
Most importantly, this weekend I am going to open up my new Singer Fashion Mate and get accustomed with it, high time already, if I want a decent collection out by summer!

More on the juice fast- I have been reading a lot about the benefits of fruit and vegetable juices and recently also saw the documentary 'Fat, Sick and almost dead' if I remember correctly. So starting Sunday, I am going on a juice diet for, lets see, maybe 2-3 days if I can take it. I will be drinking 4-6 glasses of juice along with some whole fruits (just because I feel like jumping straight to just juices might leave me too weak to hit the gym or simply get through the day) like apples, berries, baby carrots and celery.

I am planning to start my day with a apple & celery juice and move on to adding carrots, spinach, cucumbers and melons to it. Will keep you all posted on how it goes when I start with it, trouble is all the boxing day & Christmas sales have left the stores with empty shelves!

Will also keep you guys posted on my sewing progress, meanwhile today is just going to be a quite Friday with some gym, laundry and mani pedi.

Meanwhile I am going to leave you guys to a relaxing weekend with some latest trend reports and some fashion advise to glam up your gloomy winter days, some of my latest favourites from the SS2013 RTW runway that could make a great outfit even in this bone chilling winter...

Things you need to enjoy a fabulous winter weekend in style

A great trench- thing Burberry Prorsum, thing bright colors to add some happy to your mood and pick a style that is classic yet modern, something like this...

A classic dress knee length dress with 3/4th sleeves in a modern day print like this sexy number from the Prada SS2013 RTW show...
Get some love going with a peplum dress, mix lace this winter with woollen tights and blazer and rock the color of the hour coral in full glory...

All pictures taken from

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Spotlight ON: Bianca Warren

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As we wait for the sunny summers to come by, South Africa is basking in the hot beaches and preparing for their Autumn Winter 2013 wardrobes. Couple of months back we saw the A/W2013 collection by the South African Fashion designers and today I wanted to bring to light one such designer whose work reflects amazing talent along with a promising future for the South African fashion industry.

Bianca Warren, a Durban based designer showed her A/W2013 collection in tune with the current trends, there was a lot of fluff and ruffles along with beautiful lace dresses, sunny shades of orange mixed with indigo blues and turquoise. Also seen were gold, brocade and shades of pink.

The collection has a vintage feel to it with 60's inspired dresses, high waisted shorts and mermaid style gowns. All in all, a very wearable and fun line apt for everyday wear with some beautiful evening dresses finishing up the line.

All the pictures taken from the official website of Bianca Warren.
Visit: for more info and to contact the designer.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Spotlight on: Peplum for SS2013

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Spotted: Peplum trend being embraced by a lot many Indian Desingers in their Spring Summer 2013 collection, at the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week (WIFW). Below are a few of the gorgeous peices all clad in light summer shades of white, big bold florals and peplum variations.

All images taken from the Wills Lifestyle Facebook Page here:!/willslifestyleonline?fref=ts

Sunday, January 6, 2013

2013 trend to flaunt: PEPLUM

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Starting this year, every month we, at Style Scribbles, will feature a trend to look forward to in 2013 and throughout the month, we will then look around in our local shops here in Toronto and find ourselves the best deals for it. Also we will feature a lot of style advise related to that trend!

This month the trend to be featured is PEPLUM. In the days to come keep up with us as we discuss ways, styling options and co ordinating pieces, all to enhance your look while flaunting your style with a 'Peplum'.


Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year Resolutions

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If you are anything like me, every year at the dawn of the 1st of Jan, you start scribbling down a whole new list of resolutions to keep for the year ahead. And every year by the middle somewhere, or sooner at times, you lose track of your goals and let go. Sound familiar? That's me with most of my resolutions...

But being in our nature we never give up, at least I know for sure that me, myself have had a bit too many of those resolutions carried on year after year with no determination to fulfill them. A few I did cross last couple of years are, first, get my root canal done- Yup! had it on the list for two freaking years and lived with a hole in my tooth before I could find the courage to visit a dentist, but did it and guess what? I really wasn't scary at all. Another one was to learn to swim, yeah! Did it after living off pools and beaches for 25 years and now I cannot imagine not diving into any water body I spot.

Many though, like, hmm... get over my fear of driving or get rid of the muffin top for good, even eat healthy all the time, do more yoga and similar are a few that have constantly been ignored by me, so much so that at times I wonder why am I not giving up on these, since I sure as hell am not working towards checking them off.

This year, there is all this buzz about the year 2013, and how some people fear number 13 and find it unlucky or get scared of it. There is all this talk and between all that, I have also heard a lot many people say how they will take this year as a challenge and turn the number 13 around or go crazy and be bold (now, that's what I'm talking about!!)

So, I have decided to take the plunge and this year be positive towards my approach, to take it one day, one week and one month at a time and make this a memorable year, also because this will be my last year in my twenties and I will soon be called a 30 something (scary enough) I have decided to get my list done with for good!

So here is my list of resolutions for 2013-

1. work out 200 days at least in the whole year (do-able, right?)
2. work towards being more positive in life (hmm...too much sharing?)
3. brush my dogs teeth more often (I know!)
4. run 1000kms (what am I thinking )
5. color my hair wild and get a crazy hair cut- real crazy (yeah!)
6. be less lazy, watch less TV (read: keep up with my editorial calendar)
7. eat healthy at least 5 days a week (I can do that [rolling eyes])
8. learn to ski
9. learn a new language/ dance
10. work towards my designing career more

I am sure there are a zillion more things I wanna do...but for now I am gonna try and check this list off so I can move forward with a confidence that I am not a quitter and I do not give up.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Welcome 2013!!

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First Christmas & New Year in TO

Hello everyone and welcome back to the daily life and grind. My heartiest wishes to all for a fabulous New Year and a warm welcome back to Style Scribbles. As you might have noticed, we have gone through some changes and have updated our blog with a new look for 2013.

The changes in looks aside, we are still the same featuring what's in trend and what we love to talk about. We are also looking at new sponsors and brands to collaborate with, as a step towards growing up and are planning to incorporate more reader interaction in the year to follow!

But this post is dedicated to wishing you all a very warm new beginning and to share our holiday memories, fun and frolic with everyone. Talking of holidays, this year was a fantastic one for me and S. We bought some mah-jo-rrr gifts for each other and shopped a lot. Oh! and then, there were gifts for our babies (read Olive & Phoebe, the barking half of our household :-P)

We spent Christmas with friends and went snow tubing and skiing in Barrie. Also cooked a lot and ...well... ate a lot too :-P.

The gifts started with a very well needed component for my blogging and S's wants in general :) We got our first DSLR, Nikon D3100. We are still practicing and experimenting with it but soon, the crappy photos on Style Scribbles will be replaced by great shots from my Nikon!! Yay!

Next in line was a sewing machine, I needed to start my own and progress more as a designer. We got the Singer, Fashion Mate and well, in between all the festivities, I haven't yet got the time to open it, but will be trying it out soon. Got to find a nice spot in the house and set up my work station first :)

Also we got cute little mutlucks boots for our dogs, this being their first winter in Canada and first time with snow, we were a little paranoid. But I believe they handled snow much better than we imagined and they even love playing in it, once they are all bundled up, of course.

We got winter boots for ourselves too, from 'Spring is here', there was a huge boxing week sale and we got amazing deals. Will upload pics of our shopping soon. Also acquired courtesy of the boxing week sale are, a whole new gym wardrobe from Adidas, new pair of denims for me from H&M, replenishment for the toiletries basket from 'Body and Bath works' and new bedsheets and covers from Ikea. The kids (read, dogs) also got a whole lot of soft toys from Ikea, they were all on sale.

All in all, we had a shopaholic Christmas, how was yours? Did you end up getting a lot of goodies in gifts or did u too get out and explore the boxing week sales to fetch the much needed supplies?
Do share your holiday fun with us and keep coming back for more. Be Yourself! Be Awesome!!xx

nikon D3100

nikon D3100 by stylescribbles featuring laura mercier

Singer fashion mate, image taken off the internet



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