Sunday, October 28, 2012

halloween ready?

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What are you this halloween?
Any new and inventive ways to rock the party and not blow up your budget?

This year I am a snowflake and I have so far spent only CAD 9.50 and I plan to make a little DIY something of a costume for myself...will be putting up pics super soon....meanwhile am a bit busy enjoying the weekend and hating the soon...till then...

Be Yourself! Be Awesome!! xx

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Spotlight On: pOlka dOt ARTIST

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Yayoi Kusama

This weekend's post is dedicated to my love affair with polka dots and this amazing artist I came across on the internet. Get her info and general details on wiki HERE
She is an 83 years old Japanese artist and writer and had early this year done a collaboration with Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton for a mesmerising collection filled with dots and dots and lots of dots...
Here are a few photographs from the net of the amazing artist's work and Marc Jacobs' brainchild the polka dot collab...

All photos via google images

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Halloween Syndrome...

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So, Halloween is round the corner but you aren't into costumes really and the whole world around you seems to be slowly converting into a giant Marvel Comics set with superheros, villains and what not? Well, fear not, have you ever thought of embracing the Halloween spirit in style and making a fabulous outfit for the day that won't turn unnecessary eyes towards you but will help you embrace the festivities your way?
Check out these color co-ordinated daily wear outfit I put together, all of them from the H&M website, they are theme based or you can say character based but don't really shout Halloween on the top of their voice...

Turn into a sea goddess by pairing blues with some shimmer to add glamour also check out the thin coral colored belt goes well to represent 'coral' also loving the printed leggings

become a Dark Angel or a fashionable Witch with these cool black pieces try some bright red shoes to add character (read blood) to the outfit

what about pairing Christmas with Halloween, turn yourself into a walking Christmas tree in style, with this hot green dress and red shoes
All of these pieces can easily fit into your wardrobe any day, for any occasion without being loud or unacceptable. Think you can try these ideas out this year?

All photos via the H&M website

Monday, October 15, 2012

a little DIY...makes life sparkly!!!

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Last weekend I was busy admiring my latest courier from MOO and while the paper products look fab...I am currently adding a little bit of sparkle glue (read pixie dust) to my handmade bookmarks, greetings and more.... a sneak peak of it at the end of the'll get a look at all of it soon on Etsy.

Another little project I did was make a new toothpaste and brush stand. I was using an old unused coffee mug for it so far. I had an empty salsa bottle that was initially going to be a spice jar, but for some reason the glue from it's original wrapper won't come off even after hours with warm water and dishwashing liquid, so did a little DIY and here's the new look.

All it took me was a dollar store jute twig, some ordinary glue and a ribbon from my craft supplies and voila!!


Thursday, October 11, 2012

halloween couture

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Last week's Paris Fashion Week for SS2013 saw McQueen's Sarah Burton go all in with her inspiration coming from the bees. I am in total love with the gigantic skirts, the bee hive hat and the fish net. Not to forget the colors yellow and black with bursts of red in between with all the textures and patterns reflecting the bees, honey and celebrating a woman's curves with cinched waists and accentuated hips.
Now, it might not be a very street friendly collection, it might not even sit right with a lot of fashion critics but the theme and the timing come perfectly aligned with halloween for me to ponder over some more runway looks and a few new ideas to dress up!
here's a few picks from my favorite designers so far....
We'll definitely start with McQueen and the honey bees.

Or I could be a very sexy, uber chic witch in these Saint Laurent numbers...

Or a bird cage inspired by this beauty from Chloe...


What are your plans for this Halloween?
Any new costume ideas you want to share?
Think of something new this time, something outside the box, something other than the cookie cut costumes flooding the market....have a lovely Friday people... much luv n luck... xx



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