Saturday, December 19, 2015

Editorial Spotlight: Nature Goddess

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Latest fashion editorial published on Solis Magazine Online with House of Poplyn FW 2015 collection 'RoyalPunk'.
Wardrobe and Editorial write-up by yours truly ;)

Link to the article-

Model: Erin Elliott & Sarah Ve

Mua: Meghan Victoria
Hairstylist: Erika Fung & Ronald Lam on looks 1 & 3(white dresses)
Photographer: Mark Wong
Designer: Tanushree Pande
Wardrobe: House of Poplyn

Outfit #01 White silk satin embellished dress with red silk layers – Price – $950
Outfit #02 Black and green embellished chenille bodysuit – Price – $1400
Outfit #03 Sculptured white satin and tulle dress
Price – Upon request (custom piece)
Outfit #04 Green Custom print embellished crop top – Price – $175
Navy tulle maxi skirt with mirrors Price – $245
Outfit #05 Green Custom Print Tank – Price- $85
Green Custom print embellished circle skirt – Price – $350

We did this shoot around High Park and surrounding Lakeshore in downtown Toronto. All the pieces are from House of Poplyn F/W 2015 couture collection. The collection was inspired by microscopic images of microorganisms and comprises of 3D sculpted form and heavy embellishments and beading. Looks 1, 3 and 4 seen here on model Erin Elliott project a softer almost dreamy side of the collection while looks 2 and 5 seen here on Model Sarah Ve portray a bold, sensual mood.
We shot the story in natural surroundings to bring the pieces to life. Rich greens against the crisp whites as well as the shoreline against bright prints create a striking contrast bringing the viewer’s eyes to the garments and the model.
This set plays around with the soft as well as bold sides of nature. The purity and softness of whites and blues compliments the bold and aggressive greens and reds just as found in nature. Each look had subtle make-up and hair focusing on the embellishments of the garments.
Look 1, 2 & 3 were shot among trees and the greenery, the photographer, Mark played with natural lighting and light and shadow to capture a perfect shot every time.
Looks 4 & 5 shot by the shoreline, close to sunset have a natural glow and brightness to them from the setting sun, in turn enhancing and complimenting the bright greens and red in the outfits.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Prom Dress must haves

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This post is specially for all the young readers of the blog, planning their next big shopping spree to get that perfect dress for prom. I know watching all those gorgeous dresses in PLL episodes you have an image of what it is you want to buy. My only advise, instead of going for what you saw on TV if you take note of some simple tips you will be less shocked and more pleased on your big night.

 I was introduced to this site- via a collaboration and it led me to their 2016 prom dresses, thought I'd share my two cents of advise on dressing for the day along with a few of my favorite choices to make you shine out from the rest of the crowd.

Visit their page- AISLESTYLE for the latest collection...

Two Piece High Neck Beads Pattern all over Column Short Sparkling Prom Dress _2Stylish A-line One Shoulder Sleeveless Beading Draping Ruffles  Floor-length Chiffon Prom Dresses_1

TIP #1

If you are concerned you are crowning over your besties with your height and want to gel in, try going for a 2- piece instead of a dress. An exposed waist and break in the silhouette will make you look less tall and hey! an embellished 2 piece like the one pictured above with totally leave your friends wanting to get your look.

On the other hand, if you are short or want to appear taller but not getting enough boost from those 6 inch heels you have been trotting around to break into for the big night, try an off the shoulder/ one shoulder floor length gown. The asymmetric neckline and the trailing floor length give the illusion of height. Make sure your heels are covered when you wear your dress, sometimes girls buy a dress first and heels later, result being dress not actually touching the floor, looks tacky and can be avoided by considering the heels your'll be wearing while trying out/ altering the dress. 

Shimmering Beaded Halter Neck Sleeveless Long A-line Blue Prom Dress _4Fashion Bateau Neck Cap Sleeved Sheath Long Jersey Prom Dress with Crystal Embellishments _1

TIP #2

If you have broader shoulders, avoid a dress like the one on the left at top, with a thin strap as it accentuates the bare shoulders. Reverse if you want to highlight your bust and shoulders pick the silhouette with thinner straps an shoulder.

If you do want to hide your shoulders or take emphasis away from them try something as in the second picture where a jeweled collar adorns the top, extra points if you get a detail/ low cut or embroidered back, that takes the focus.

Strapless Sweetheart Lace Appliques Bodice Long A-line Tulle Prom Dress  _1 A-line Off The Shoulder Sleeveless Beading  Pearl Detailing Floor-length  Long Lace Chiffon  Prom Dresses_1

Everything said, remember at the end of the day, whether you are channeling Aria Montgomery or Juliette Barns in your style sense, most important is to be confident in your dress choice and wear it like it was made for you and only you!

Hope you pick your dream dress this prom and don't forget to check out this store-

Back with more, soon. xx

Monday, November 9, 2015

OOTD- Fall Monday dressing via OASAP

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With the winter chill creeping our way, it can at times be difficult to focus on dressing as per your style. Its very common to slip into the boring winter jacket over same old clothes everyday. 

My solution is to pick out the quirkiest, colorful pieces matching my personality and mood to fit them into fall/winter wardrobe.

Today's picks are from Oasap, a budget friendly option for online shopping that has some very interesting pieces to pick from...

I am picking the poached egg sweatshirt as my Monday's do get better with a healthy breakfast and I loved this pun filled, quirky find for the day. Matching it with the vintage appliqued jeans in washed blue distress look that I am totally crazy about. 

To end the look we have the perfect pair of platform shoes in multicolor geo print and metal framed sunglasses, again with a vintage wayfarer look.

This is an easy and effortless look to assemble and can be played with as per your style. Make sure to  go for a statement piece in your wardrobe, like the bold egg applique on the sweatshirt above and mix it into your look with complimentary pieces, that I achieved with channeling a bit of a vintage vibe with the styles, all the while maintaining the fall coverage that the weather needs.

Links to the above picks, again- 

Have a lovely Monday, until next post.xx

Monday, August 31, 2015

New fall discount code for lucluc

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Click image to shop the discount

I found a few quirky enough pieces that would be a cool addition to my wardrobe this fall.. and this coupon code might just be the nudge I need for such impulse buys!

Will share my finds with you soon!!!


Friday, August 28, 2015

Wardrobe Wishes for this Fall...

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Almost time for Halloween here and with it comes the beautiful fall colors in trees and chilly nights.

I have already started planning my fall wardrobe with a few key pointers in mind..
* a hell of a lot of color
* an amazing go-to jacket
* that perfect accessory that'll go with every outfit &
* a dress I can carry from day to evening

Here are a few of my favorite picks from the website I just discovered LucLuc because there's never enough sites to get a great bargain on new looks!!

This blazer and skirt pair because all over patterns and prints are my weakness and this somehow reminds me of jacquard florals that are all a rage this winter. Also because soon I won't be able to flaunt my legs in a short skirt and fall is the perfect time to pair a matching blazer and skirt set together for a few more weeks before covering it all up!

This navy knit draped number because it is literally a look I can take from office to a night out with just a few accessory changes. For me as it is navy will always trump black...

This teal cotton top can be paired with denims/ tights/ shorts or even as a dress in itself according to the weather. A great addition to my fall wardrobe for layering. 

These floral pants also make their way in my favorite lot because a casual evening walk with the fur babies need not be only in sweats! Enough said.

These little gold leaf bobby pins - because just that fall is here doesn't mean I have to part ways with my summer hair accessories and fall leaves are a perfect accessory to be stuck in my hair.. :)

This pastel retro pearl studded shift dress - because with the right styling a pastel number can work wonders even with pale skin slowly creeping its way on you. Just pair a bold lip color and some killer pumps, add a warm and well fitted jacket and you are set to shine at that fall party like no other!

This black quilted crop jacket will go perfectly with almost all of my outfits and will add a stylish touch to keeping warm during chilly nights!

Tell me how your fall wardrobe planning is coming along and if you need help styling or figuring out your closet in a budget, check out LucLuc for more style inspiration.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

City Girls - Published Editorial

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Did this editorial shoot last summer...

...published in Solis Magazine, Oct 2014 issue 

Photographer: Mark Wong
Model: Erin Elliott
Hair & Makeup: Sarah Ve
Wardrobe Stylist & Designer: Tanushree Pande
Clothing: House of Poplyn

We wanted to create an editorial bringing to light different kinds of looks and roles young women in the city play on a daily basis.
Clothing for this shoot is from the latest collection by Toronto based label Poplyn. This collection was inspired by the TTC and the pieces reflect the colours, patterns and shapes found at or around the rails and subway platforms of Toronto. Hence, the theme ‘City Girls’ celebrates the modern day women living in the city, going about their day to day life with a confident and independent style.
Each look featured here with model, Erin Elliott, identifies with a woman on the go, be it at work, casual day attire or a night out. The clothes and styling by Tanushree Pande reflect a strong female who isn’t shy but embraces her individual style. The outfits go from day to evening, to night highlighting a different look in each surrounding. Makeup by Sarah Ve and accessories for each look match the mood, getting bolder as we head from morning to night. A sleek pony with cat eyes, roughly set bun with neutral lips or a bold night look with strong lips and eyes, all part of the ‘City Girls’ in different roles.

The shoot was done in downtown Toronto with all the hustle and mayhem of the city adding to the theme and creating a unique backdrop for each look. Photographer, Mark Wong, got some fabulous shots with daylight, capturing each look and used the dusk sky and twilight beautifully to get the evening shots.  The first look with the girl in the red dress, running around the city, hailing a cab projects a strong independent city girl, who is confident and not scared to take risks. For this look, we kept her makeup minimalism with bold red lips to match the dress and a nice clean ponytail for a professional on the go individual.
The second look features a young girl dressed casually, maybe going to college. With a bare midriff, a denim jacket and a leather skirt with cut out details and handy cross body bag for the daily essentials, this is a street savvy girl next door with a confident style. Hair tied in a rough bun and a chic pair of boots she is a city girl with a charm.

The next look with the metallic leather skirt, halter top with geometric details, bright red heels and chunky accessories makes a strong statement for an evening out clubbing or a chic soiree with friends. This look along with the dramatic chandelier earrings and metallic head pieces is not your average cookie cutter style but a free spirited woman with her own sense of fashion and art.
The last look of the series features a sheer maxi dress with leather bustier and peek-a-boo canary yellow panels along with zipper details reminiscent of the railroad tracks of street cars, we find around Toronto. The strong smokey eyes, bold accessories and sleek hair all make up for a sexy night out.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Summer Sheers -How to

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While summers can be the best time to go all in with that one sheet dress you have been dreading to wear, it can also be a difficult choice to style. Most of us shy away from sheer dresses because either we are uncomfortable in our skin or we don't know how to style it to get that oomph without making it appear tacky. 

An easy tip to remember is put as much effort in picking out the underwear or inner that is going to be visible through the dress as you would pick shoes or accessories for any outfit.
An all black bodysuit or black corset and high waist panties can make a perfect backdrop for a sheer dress and make it more appropriate for an evening out or an afternoon soiree. 
Do an inner in the same color as the sheer dress or top to give it a more layered look, this will help you feel less conscious as it blends the pieces together into one ensemble.

Also remember doing a sheer outfit with all over print will make it appear less transparent than if you do a solid color. The print helps by blending the fabric and the inner layer together so you can get away easily with wearing a basic or even unmatched underwear.

Black and White Sheer Dress House of Poplyn
Image as published in Veux Magazine - Aug 2014
Model Kehli G
Stylist Awena Abala
MUA: Jewelleface
Hair Stylist: Guido Di Salle
Photographer: Paul Steward at Paul Steward Photography

Wearing a mix of fabrics and textures like a leather corset with a sheer maxi skirt give the outfit a feminine touch and take the harshness away from the leather. Same is true when mixing pieces like boyfriend denims with a sheer shirt or top or masculine jacket with a sheer dress or skirt underneath.

If you are not comfortable with an extremely feminine look but still want to try see through pieces in your wardrobe, this tip can help you start with a safe balance between sheers and solids to create your look as per your style choices.

Whatever your style inspiration, a hint of sheer can also bring any ordinary outfit to a more polished look. Pairing a simple dress with a contrast or patterned sheer leggings can turn it into something you put together, rather than just another dress it becomes an outfit.

Corset top Sheer Maxi Dress House of Poplyn
Image as published in Solis Magazine - Oct 2014
Photographer: Mark Wong 
Model: Erin Elliott 
Mua: Sarah Ve 
Designer/Stylist: Tanushree Pande

Sheer Rosettes Crop Top House of Poplyn
Image as published in Luxmi Magazine 
Photographer: Narbir Gosal 
Model: Fatima 
Designer: Tanushree Pande

Pairing Sheers with bold statement jewelry pieces can also give a more polished look to just a basic sheer dress or top.

Dress and Necklace House of Poplyn
Photographer: Jonathan Hooper

Back in the grind

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Hello everyone!

Just wanted to welcome all new and old readers back to stylescribbles.
After a 2 year break, the blog is going back live. In the past 2 years, I have settled down in a new city/ country, started my own womenswear label, built a new business and fostered new friendships.

In all the hustle of the above mentioned, most importantly building a new brand in a new city, I realized the blog was taking a back seat and made the hard choice of putting it at a halt.

Now that I am getting back into blogging you'll see a lot more fashion and lifestyle related posts, also I will constantly be updating you on the latest with my label- House of Poplyn.

I will do a lot more OOTD posts with many more styling tips and a swift move towards making this blog an extension, rather an outlet to introduce my brand to the world.

There will also be a lot of behind the scenes from my shows and shoots as well as random candid moments from my life as a designer.

All in all, not much different from the last time we were around but with newer additions and better focus...

Hope you enjoy our journey and wish you a happy summer weekend filled with sunshine and laughter..xx


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