Monday, November 12, 2012

Spring Summer 2013 'INDIA'

The Wills India Fashion Week SS'13 rounded up with some fabulous work from a lot of my favorite designers and a great presentation from a lot many new names I have come to remember as seasons pass...

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I am in love with the new coral/salmon mix shade that is emerging in a lot of designer collections. It's a great color for the Indian skin tone and does feel perfect for the hot and humid summers you get there. It is also a great shade when done in either a pastel version or a neon variation, saw a lot of it.

Other colors that will do well, as depicted in the SS'13 showcase are earthy tones along with royal jewel tones of blue and red.

Saw a lot of white, as is expected from a summer showcase, but a lot of black too, and I can see that in a lighter, more airy fabric, where it can breathe, that color looks great for summers, when used in combination with bright hues, even if only while accessorising.Below are some of my favorite picks...

Atsu Sekhose

Divyam Mehta

Gauri and Nainika

Malini Ramani

Payal Pratap

Vineet Bahl

Vineet Bahl

All Photos via Wills Lifestyle Facebook Page

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