Friday, August 10, 2012

I am...

what have I been up to this past week...

For someone who has been invisible from the blogosphere for a week or so, I am not sure I have accomplished enough to pass it on as an excuse, but here we go... I was busy, along with S, doing our second DIY furniture project, built a TV unit. It is midnight blue or deep ocean (as the stain label reads) in color and I love the fact that it actually is the same shade as the new OPI Spiderman inspired nail polish!
I would like to mention here that the initial design idea for the TV unit was all S, but I did the specs(being a true pattern maker, I guess) and I love the outcome. We made it pretty simple box shaped, since mitering the cuts was not an option available, also made a funky shelf on both sides for the thousands of magazines lying around our home.

I was also busy travelling a lot in the metro or the ROCKET(as it is called in here) visiting various Chinese and Thai food joints, yet to try local sushi bars. Other than that I must confess I have kept a low profile, just yesterday I missed the Guess and fashion MAG event due to rain, lack of a car, PMS all included and am now feeling horrible about it.

I have decided I need to organize and clean my house, starting from of course, my kitchen (hmm) and my closet (that means again, throwing away lots of old junk and shopping for more. Which gets me to my next point, I desperately need a job, just so I can shop without feeling guilty :( Also I have been spending a lot more play time with the kids (read dogs) phoebe was down with an upset tummy past couple of weeks, but is now doing great, thanks to the awesome-st Doc we have :D. Oh and I just counted the change in my turtle's neck :P (the wooden piggy bank) it has about 8-9 different currencies in change :) love that we have been to so many different countries and counting..

Also, it has been a crazy week with pouring rains and heavy thunder storms, I have not been as regular to the gym as I pledged to do this month. With one-third of the month over, I have finally started doing light 2 min workouts throughout the day at home, trying to get a hang of the Tracy Anderson workouts (let's see how it goes).

Also, a random picture at the end of S's new laptop bag (well, not so new, like a month old) but I guess I forgot to share, here it is..I love it.

What has been happening in your life lately? Are you busy or just plain lazy like me? Going to IFBcon? not me:( stupid visa troubles... tell me your stories and remember Be yourSelf! Be AweSome!!!

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