Thursday, July 26, 2012

random summer luv

random summer luv

A collage showing all things I am in love with this summer.As evident with my latest blog layout, I take inspiration from the polka dots (rather say I took inspiration from the summer street style and favorite runways, mixed and matched the colors and made the new blog layout- reflects my current mood). I am loving (like I said before) polka dots, beige and all things earth toned- more so desert toned, shades of turq, neon red, a little hint of green and fuchsia. I am a summer child so I love the rains, with rain comes the fabulous world of posh umbrellas, some cute, some lavish but never a plain Jane for me. I love white, takes me to the beach- white nail polish in summers is always an indulgence for me, white sand beaches, white frocks and white marble tables with colorful cocktails lined to be served. The whole Olympic inspired patriotism (as I call it) has me seeing flags and similar colors and I am loving them. Also a big fan of the vintage, this summer has gotten me thinking of music and pianos and fringes on a bob cut with a crisp white shirt and indigo blue denims. Another all time favorite for my summer 'happy endings' is wrap dress and embroidered tunics- currently I am seeing mustard yellow, brown and beige with bold prints and show-stopper wedges. A big fan of the colorful denims, I also worship converse and live inside my day tote. I believe every girl should own a denim jacket and a bunch of colorful bands/ bracelets with a crazy pair of sunglasses for summer.

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