Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Resort 2013

The Marc Jacobs Phenomenon

There’s never a dull moment in fashion when you have the likes of Marc Jacobs ruling the runway, and with his Resort 2013 collection, he has proved just that. The inner clown mixed with plaids and florals created a clashing yet such appealing and eye catching looks, we’ll never have a gloomy day as long as we stick to his style choices.  I also had this intense feeling that Tokyo Drift movie was somehow an inspiration there...just saying (loved it). With oversized or shrunken prints, the polka dots, the butterflies and the plaids, it’s such a fun riot or costume-y but so very wearable pieces, I can’t stop drooling over.

Some took me down memory lane while some inspired me to look around and find similar budget inspirations for my not so rich wardrobe. The accessories spoke for themselves too, like the polka dotted bags reminded me of the cheap fabric versions we can spot at the Indian roadside markets, also so much of it spoke bollywood for me, guess that would have to be the beauty of gaudiness.
I loved the shorts, the striped sequin cropped tee, the jersey dress, the safari coat, the digital plaid print, the lurex plaid jacquard, the florals and so much more!

Take inspiration from him and look around, go to Gap for some fabulous plaid shirts within budget or shop at H&M for striped jersey dresses.  So many colorful stripes are floating around be it A&F or Garage. But most importantly, do not be scared to mix and match, go for print with plaid or polka dots in sequin, look for bright oversized prints and pair them up with colorful accessories. All said and done, be confident in what you wear and wear what you fall in love with. Be yourself, be awesome!!

here are some of my favorites from the show...

pics via Moda Operandi

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