Friday, June 29, 2012

Body Shop Review..

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Ok, so...this is a quick post. I just wanted to bring to light some findings I have had since I last posted about my body shop haul, here's the link to it:

The products are great and I am totally still in love with them, except for the foot gel- I thought it could have been a little less sticky, I have not been using it as frequently as I would like to, just because of this issue.

Secondly, I wanted to acknowledge the fact that the packaging more so the bottling lacks finesse. To give you an example, my body mist spray's nozzle does not spray properly anymore, it stopped doing that a while back, and we constantly struggle with it, most of the times end up with a painful finger/ thumb. It's sad since it is such a nice product!

Also, the coconut cream body wash has the same problem, it is such a thick/ dense fluid that it hardly comes out of the nozzle and we have to press really hard and many times to get enough out. Again such a shame, I love the product!

Rest of them are good, all this said, I will not stop buying these products 'cause they are really good, just wish for that price, they could improve upon the quality. Hope someone from body shop is reading this. Love to all. Enjoy your weekend. xx

NOTE: sTYleScriBBles is now on YouTUBE! dO visit!!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Nail Art, florals and SS2012...

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Nail Art/ Fashion trends

Cut out dress
£32 -

Abercrombie Fitch cotton dress
$78 -

AX Paris neon dress
£18 -

Vintage style dress
$127 -

Christopher Kane multi colored dress
$1,178 -

Christopher Kane floral tank
£99 -

Reiss scoop neck shirt
$105 -

H M floral top
£20 -

Aztec French Terry Short
$20 -

Aztec Racerback Cami
$6 -

Alexander McQueen high rise legging
$685 -

Sass & Bide sequin shorts
£340 -

Nine West wedge heels
$59 -

T strap flat sandals
$595 -

NcLA nail treatment
$9 -

Today is all about NAIL ART, it is so big right now, the last time nail art was a big trend was way back when I was in school, after that it kind of evolved into neutral shades, french manicures and solid colors. Slowly again it emerged out of the 'only for teenaged rebellious daughters' tag and is now everywhere, from the red carpet to the shady manicure parlour down the road from me. And even though I like to keep it simple (for a few very important reasons) mostly because my nails are tiny and square, like a school boy's but also because I cook often, and end up spoiling my expensive little gig in a day or two. But also another reason being I am very impatient and hyper (as in can NOT stay still for long) especially right after a fresh coat on my hands I will get this urgent urge to pee! :/ I am hopeless that ways.

But, we are not here to discuss my nails, so let's talk about the pretty ones all over instagram and blogs right now!

The most fascinating thing for me is that nail art this season is so much inspired by the runway trends...If you look at the little collage I created on polyvore (posted above) you'll see all the major trends are visible. Starting top left-going clockwise, we have Tribal/Ikat/Aztec, Vintage/Pastels, Floral/ Motifs/Tattoo, Black'n'White/ Florals/Monotones/Greys, Shimmer/Sequins, Neon/Galactic/Swirls, Big-Bold and Colorful Florals.

Now, all of these above mentioned trends are doing big rounds across the streets, on the runways and the high end circles-to-the fret parties this summer. If you pick any of your favorite nail art/ design you can actually work a whole outfit around it, or do it the other way round.
You can also match your nails to your accessories and keep a simple solid or the forever-in-trend all white look in clothes.

Just remember do not overdo all the patterns and prints together, although you can go ahead and try to mix patterns and prints (or mix checks/ stripes with bold florals). Another look you should try it mixing bold graphic prints with textured solids, this style will look good also when done with neon color scheme.

Happy Summer EveryOne!
And hang in's almost weekend now :P xoxo

P.S. I just realized today, how many pretty shades of nail enamel I had thrown in the junk or simply given away, while packing to move out of South Africa. :( There just WASN'T enough space!!! I did a horrible fashion SIN... now I'm missing them all, especially a particular shimmery/ glittery rock-star nail enamel.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

StyleScribbles on YOUtube

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hello everyone, as you know, starting 2012 I branched out and started a facebook page for the blog, also beginning today, we are starting with our very own YouTUBE channel that you can find by the name stylescribbles.
The first vedio has been uploaded and you can find it here:
for those of you who are not the frequent on youtube, for future vedios aswell I will post a link on the blog for you to visit.
Hope everyone is hanging there fine, wednesday is almost over so the weekend looks closer now.
Enjoy :).xx

Monday, June 25, 2012

I’m in MIAMI bitch

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So, I was just browsing through the Internet, something I often do these days in the light of my unemployment… I came across H&M, was just checking their website to look for cheap summer wardrobe essentials and well….new clothes to buy for under 20-30$ that I could frankly afford without feeling guilty. Suddenly I came across the dressing room- it’s an online’ try the outfit to see how it looks on a person’ kind of app, which has a pretty model with many of their current and staple styles, now obviously I had to try it. In the middle of it I realized, how much the current Spring Summer trends resemble the look of one of my favorite actress in a movie. Yup, the present season could well be described as the wardrobe of ‘Jennifer Lopez’ in ‘Monster in Law’.

Remember that movie guys? In which Jane Fonda makes it her personal mission to see that her rich handsome son does not marry the middle class dog walker Jlo. This movie was one of my all time favorite and a big style inspiration for many of my outfits through the years. Jlo’s character was a lively soul with an earthiness to her dressing. She would wear wrap dresses over jeans (LAYERING), A-line skirts with crochet or cut out borders (BOTH BIG TRENDS FOR SS2012), have flowers and all sorts of gypsy hair accessories (FLORAL HEADBANDS), wear big and colorful floral prints (NEED I SAY ANYTHING HERE?), and have this carefree and positive attitude towards life.

Well, check out a few pictures I downloaded off the Internet on the Jlo look from that movie and then look out for my creations on the ‘dressing room’ at the H&M site. It was a lot of fun and I blew off some real steam, letting my wild, gypsy creativity flow thereJ. Almost all the looks are within CAD100, if you add a lot of accessories then they shoot up but still within CAD150. I guess it was a real mood setter, for next time I walk into H&M I know exactly what I will be looking for. The main attractions for me were the floral trousers, color blocking, the harem pants and ….well! Let me take you through the looks one at a time…

The Jlo reminisces...

Now, look what I did at the Online dressing room, my latest most favored time pass ;-)
First, a few picks from the latest collections...

These awesome floral trousers are for CAD39.95 only, something totally within my reach. I can literally see myself wearing these at thousand different occasions in zillion different styles, they scream Marc Jacobs and Christopher Kane to me!!luv luv

This is like that little piece of sunshine every girl should own this summer, it's the perfect yellow in pastel hue, something we have seen so much across the runways (remember Derek Lam/ DVF?). It will flatter any body shape and will elongate and slim you down while enhancing the curves (V-neckline, flare, belt)

 Okay this is the cutest little number you could find anywhere for CAD34.95
 THIS FLORAL summer love for CAD39.95 reminds me of the fabulous works of Kundalini Arts, of Christopher Kane and of Prabal Gurung. So much love much summer..such a beauty!

And now, my little doodles online, also I should tell, while putting those looks together, I imagined a young blogger, in her late 20's off for a vacation at Miami. She is carefree, casual and comfortable at all times, loves fashion, vintage inspirations and is totally inspired by the character Jlo plays in Monster in Law...

She is big on layering, hence a dress with a jacket and a shirt underneath, a floral trouser/ legging along- think evening chills at the beach and a blogging event to cover, lots of running around and the layers keep peeling off like an onion through the night, giving her a new look every time.

Or, find her strolling the streets in a comfy dress with a pastel trouser, a scarf,a handy sling bag and eye popping bright footwear. Meet her for coffee in a color blocked look, green skirt with pink shoes and shades of the sea.

She is meeting someone for a night around town in a simple knit dress- striped (do I hear Marc Jacobs? nah...that's still H&M). Suddenly she is interviewing a famous music icon by the beach (where else?) in her shorty shorts (denim), her silver shimmering jacket that glistens with the sun and the sea and her super chic flat sandals.

Casual and ready for the evening in harem pants and bright cardigan or a day by the surfer's bay in a printed flowing maxi dress. A sun dress with a scarf and some flowers in her hair or  a little polka number with a bright green skirt flashing underneath like an over sized petticoat, it's all a game and life's a fun ride for her.

A little crochet number with flowing harem pants, a plaid or Scottish checks trouser with braces or a fun romper to just jump around the sand...

What do you think of my latest H&M fascination? Do you also feel like a whole summer wardrobe can come of it within a $1000 budget without compromising on the fashion or style, or are you a brand name girl who would wear nothing short of a real Marc or Kane outfit. Let me know how you feel about the little Miami vacation I created for my fake online model... love it or hate it?

Pictures: Jlo from the internet- google
                rest from H&M online store

Thursday, June 21, 2012

budget picks for the saeson

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If you loved Marc Jacobs Resort 2013 but can’t afford it all (like me) here’s a few picks from the budget stores for your stylish self J





pics via online stores of Gap, A&F, H&M and Garage

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Resort 2013

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The Marc Jacobs Phenomenon

There’s never a dull moment in fashion when you have the likes of Marc Jacobs ruling the runway, and with his Resort 2013 collection, he has proved just that. The inner clown mixed with plaids and florals created a clashing yet such appealing and eye catching looks, we’ll never have a gloomy day as long as we stick to his style choices.  I also had this intense feeling that Tokyo Drift movie was somehow an inspiration there...just saying (loved it). With oversized or shrunken prints, the polka dots, the butterflies and the plaids, it’s such a fun riot or costume-y but so very wearable pieces, I can’t stop drooling over.

Some took me down memory lane while some inspired me to look around and find similar budget inspirations for my not so rich wardrobe. The accessories spoke for themselves too, like the polka dotted bags reminded me of the cheap fabric versions we can spot at the Indian roadside markets, also so much of it spoke bollywood for me, guess that would have to be the beauty of gaudiness.
I loved the shorts, the striped sequin cropped tee, the jersey dress, the safari coat, the digital plaid print, the lurex plaid jacquard, the florals and so much more!

Take inspiration from him and look around, go to Gap for some fabulous plaid shirts within budget or shop at H&M for striped jersey dresses.  So many colorful stripes are floating around be it A&F or Garage. But most importantly, do not be scared to mix and match, go for print with plaid or polka dots in sequin, look for bright oversized prints and pair them up with colorful accessories. All said and done, be confident in what you wear and wear what you fall in love with. Be yourself, be awesome!!

here are some of my favorites from the show...

pics via Moda Operandi


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