Wednesday, April 25, 2012

my latest haircut

So, I know it's been a week, since I got this hair cut (actually 10 days I guess) I have been so busy running around, never got a chance to post the pics, so today after a lazy shower I decided that its time.
Well, here are the pics, I even dropped the hair dryer while at it, hence holding it firmly in the later pics, LOL

It seems not so perfect as it was the day I came from the salon, but the hair dressers always have a million products they use on me and I don't really do that lengthy a process while getting ready. Although, I must say, I used my usual L'oreal ultra shine shampoo in the pink bottle, but just to give it a try got the volume boost conditioner in the mauve/ purple bottle, it does work wonderfully. My thin hair suddenly feels playfully voluminous and much similar to the way they would after a salon visit!!

And, the morning after look, just when I don't seem to have time before getting my dogs out for their walk, I can easily tuck my hair behind my ears and looks ready to go, totally loving how shorter the hair, the more hassle free it is to look groomed :)

P.S. this post makes me realise, how much I need to hit the gym :p

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