Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Getting Beach Ready

So, my big (loooong awaited) island holiday is only a month away. As I plan and prepare for it, can't help but notice these fabulous Hermes beach towels. I am so in love with these (especially the cute elephant and butterfly in green and blue and the red border one)...oh and also the Sun-God one!! :). All are priced at $530.00 each. Wish I had that kind of money to blow away.
Anyhow, check out this first moodboard ( yeah I make moodboards, to help me shop) I made for my shopping/ planning/ packing aid. This is just one look, I love the orange and sunny shades, but most important thing to consider is how amazing orange and aqua shades look together. My whole love of this orange madness originated when I saw the below displayed look from McQueen SS2012 show.
Also note, my love for peacock feathers, flowy dresses, jumbo sized hats and bright rimmed shades will all keep me going perfectly while I look fab in this color scheme.

As I prepare for the beach, will keep posting my looks, planning and shopping details. have a lovely day.xo

Beach vacation planning 01

Photos via HermesUS website.
check out their site

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Erica said...

Hey, thanks for the comment on my page! That eyeliner comes in a waterproof version! You can find it at cvs or any drugstore really... If you decide to go with another brand, I just warn you to stay away from the types of bottles that you have to dip the brush in to get the eyeliner. It is so much harder to make an even line, and usually the handles are too small to get a good grip on. I think the 'pencil' shaped ones are much more natural to hold.

& I cant believe these towels are 500 each. thats ridiculous!!! But I still want them haha theyre super cute, great find!

In the Light of Style

Joyce said...

The towels are so cute, I love the elephants :)

Yasmeen said...

I love that bright orange color. Makes me feel so alive during winter :P Everything here is really gloomy. Can't wait to see the beach again!

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