Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas

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To all my dear readers, avid followers and brands, a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Merry Christmas

Friday, December 21, 2012

Pyjama Party

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Chrismas Holidays bring families closer, brighten up our lives, bring hope and joy to all and bring out the little kid inside us all, who is just waiting for a present for him/ her.

Holiday time also brings out the pyjama wearing pigtailed girl from our past and as the winters get colder and the fireplace warms up, there is no shame in snuggling up in a little flannel set!

Yes, as many times as people might make fun of the pyjama sets or remind us how wearing a cute little squirrel or a dog on a tee is so high school if not younger, we might not care less about their views after we have slept, draped in those cozy flannel pieces.

So, here's to us and to these cute little night suits that have been as much a part of growing up and holidays as egg nog and ginger bread cookies. And for those of you who want to sex it up a little try the comfy pyjama shorts with a tank instead. Or get cozy in a cute little romper or capris!!!

The above featured set is fron the Nordstrom Online store and is by Make + Model
In their own words- (from the Nordstrom Site)
Make + Model Pattern Thermal Pajamas
Whimsically patterned thermal-knit pajamas are cut for a figure-skimming fit and
finished with wide ribbed cuffs and contrasting topstitching.Pants have faux fly with
elastic waistband.
Approx. length from shoulder: 26".
Approx. inseam: 30".
Cotton/polyester; machine wash.
By Make + Model; imported.

CAD 49.83

All of these above featured sets are again from the Nordstrom Store and are by Make+Model
In their own words- (from the Nordstrom Site)
Make + Model Flannel Pajamas Gift set
Warm welcomes are guaranteed with a gift-ready pajama set of cozy flannel pants and a
coordinating printed knit tank.Approx. length from shoulder: 27 1/2".
Approx. inseam: 31".
Cotton/spandex/polyester; machine wash.
By Make + Model; imported.
Was: CAD 49.83
Now: CAD 39.45
20% OFF

The romper and the capris are both by Steve Madden and are available at the Nordstrom Store
From the site itself- (product description taken from Nordstrom)
Steven Madden 'Mad Crazy Dreams' Romper
Dream big in a logo script-emblazoned tank romper bloused with a drawstring at the
elastic waist for an easy, lounge-ready fit.Approx. inseam: 1 3/4".
Cotton/polyester; machine wash.
By Steve Madden; imported.
CAD 41.52
Steve Madden 'Heart Throb' Lounge Capris
Fall in love with cozy, comfy capris with a playful pulse readout down one
leg.Elastic-drawstring waist.
Approx. inseam: 22".
Cotton/polyester; machine wash.
By Steve Madden; imported.

CAD 45.67
holiday brings out the pyjamas in all of us!

River Island printed shorts
19 CAD -

Juicy couture
72 CAD -

Blue/Red Check Pyjama Shorts
24 CAD -

White pajamas


All the pictures and product descriptions
taken from the Nordstrom Online Store and the set made on polyvore

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Revlon Selects

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I tried the other products in the gift basket from Revlon and here's my feedback...

Firstly remember, I have small, square, straight nails like a 4 year old BOY :-/ I seldom grow them long and when I do, I usually just cut them short soon after. I like not worrying about breaking a nail while running, cooking or cleaning the house. period!
Oh! and I hate fake nails....

Now that we are clear...

Revlon Nail Art- Expressionist

The color combo I got was a dark purple and metallic gold, where purple is the base color and gold is the highlight/ nail art color with a thin applicator brush.

I like the combo even though it is not something I would have picked on my own at first glance. Purple is my all time favorite color. This one requires at least 2 coats to even out the shade. The gold is rich and gives a nice definition and modern twist to the classic french manicure. I used it at the tips and that's how I liked it the best.

I am not very big on nail art so even after trying a few other designs, I might just go with the golden tip mani.

 I also tried the gold in a few different ways, in the pic below you'll see, first option is a gold overdose ( I applied 2 coats of a metallic bronze nail color and then abundantly dabbed the gold color using a cotton swab ) the result was a very 3D looking gold nail that actually resembled uncut pieces of gold metal. It looked really nice when I did it with my small nails and wore it over a black dress for the evening out. It was like a piece of jewelry and the rough messed up look like raw bricks/ rocks of gold was looking nice.

Second is from the other bottle, named, Moon Art, will talk about it in depth later.

Last is one of my hot pink shades with a gold tip and I found that the gold goes well with a lot of my pink/ red shades so will be using it quite often.

Revlon Nail Art- Moon Candy

I have to admit I am not that fond of this combo too much, after trying it out I figured that I either need to have a good amount of an hour in my hands to achieve the perfect moon art look as depicted in Revlon's weblogs or it will come out a bit towards the tacky side.
The rich purple shade accompanying this pack is by far my favorite. The best part is that it is so rich and creamy that only one coat is enough to get full coverage and a smooth finish! Best part indeed!
It dries quick and so will be a staple in my daily life for a while ( before I totally overdo it and get bored :P ). The sparkle/ glitter on the other hand did hardy wow me. It takes at least 3 coats to get the desired look with glitter all over the nails but mostly the fact that it is not as chic looking in the end as in all the photos is a big turn off.

I did although try it over a nude colored nail enamel from my dresser and I loved the end result. The nude makes it less shiny and more silvery, the sparkles only glitter in light as the contrast is not too much between the base color and the glitter coat and thus makes it look less tacky and more festive. I am definitely going to do this on my feet tomorrow.

For now, here are a few pictures from my trial and error...
My verdict- I am not overtly happy with the overall result, Revlon does have some great stuff already out there, but the purple from the Moon Candy combo and the gold from the Expressionist combo are a great addition to my dresser. I now want to try the other shades from the range and will soon be heading to a Revlon counter in the near future!x

please forgive the light imbalance and the fuzzy photography
courtesy my smart phone I own since ancient times. LOL

Monday, December 17, 2012

Revlon Selects: Photoready (Primer+Shadow)

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So last week I got my
Revlon Selects package with the following shades-
It's a purple/ Gold/ Suede palette with
shimmer and shine
all set to get you into the holiday mood.
First up, I'll be reviewing the photoready eye shadow and primer in metropolitan...

Revlon Photoready 'Metropolitan'

I was excited in the beginning to see that this is one of those palettes that describes which shade goes where and had a nice selection of grey and shimmer to achieve a smokey eye look for the evening.
I was frankly a little disappointed in the end as I felt that the shadows were under pigmented, if you see the pictures below, you'll understand what I mean. Another thing that struck me was that the shimmer was too gaudy, or maybe too loud, not in general for me but if you are using the whole palette to create a look, you might end up with only visible shimmer all over your brows.

I did like the shades individually and since this was a free sample, I will definitely be using these but will most probably be mixing them with other shades from my collection to get the look I want.
The primer is a good quality but unfortunately, I would have loved a primer that was without glitter, that way I could have used it more often, but it does look good as a shadow ( I used it along with the top shade, that was meant to be for the brow bone and the look was good enough for an evening ).

One more thing, this palette ( mostly because it is so high on the shimmer ) is only going to work for evening looks for me, not for a day wear casual or office attire at all.

All in all, I like the way it lasts, it definitely doesn't crease or smudge along the eye lid crease and stays good through the evening but I would have loved a little more color/ pigment in the shades.

Hmm...will I buy it again, maybe not. As I said it felt under pigmented. But will this sample get wasted or thrown away? Not at all, it will work well mixed with other shades I have and I will keep trying to achieve a nice smokey eye mixing and matching, as it should have with this palette.

Overall, my verdict is... it could be made better!

But hey! try it, maybe it suits your skin tone or gives you a satisfactory result. Not everybody likes dark or heavy eyes. Also I just might go ahead and buy one of their other palettes to try, the shades do look tempting.

In any case, I got a nice set of shimmery gold and silver shadows to add to my vanity during these holidays.x

The bottom most is the primer, that on top is the highlight color for brow bone

All that is visible is the top coat ( golden glitter ) because the shadows are so under pigmented
I did apply a charcoal eye liner on top to add a bit of  finish to this look, otherwise it looked totally bland.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Clinton Charlie

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Feast your eyes to this juicy collection of denims that comes to you all the way from down under... The colors, the brightness and the fun of this collection definitely takes me back to the sunny side of the world and I just cannot wait for this winter to get over!
What a great gift it would be for someone you love or yourself this winter, to add a splash of color and a happy warmth to the gloomy winter wardrobe.
Check out their story in their own words...

Hello world!!
This is the story of a new exciting designer denim brand from Down Under saying hello to you all today.

Once upon a time patterns and samples were made, stitching was complete, details added, silhouettes perfected and an amazing idea of an Australian designer denim collection came to life - ClintonCharlie.

Here at ClintonCharlie we pride ourselves on producing high quality, trendy denim that's made to last. We aim to give you the best of the best world's denim when it comes to jeans.
One of our strongest aspirations has always been producing the finest quality garments. We do this through design, and by keeping manufacturing on Australian shores, we're able to keep a close eye on the manufacturing process to ensure top quality denim is delivered to our customers.

Our style also sets us apart from the rest. We are classic with a modern twist. Intricate, complementing details and combinations are added to every pair we make and our washes vary from white to blue to black and many other colors.

Each individual pair of denim we create presents a new dimension in our constantly expanding label and is made with you, our customer, in mind.

Silvia is the Business Director of ClintonCharlie. With so many previous years working in the Fashion Industry as an International Model and Retail Manager, Silvia brings lots of experience to the ClintonCharlie business.
Silvia is the ambitious and driven success that pushes ClintonCharlie to thrive as an Australian Made Fashion Label. Silvia is full of ideas and never stops! There isn’t much Silvia’s job doesn’t entail – keeping a close eye on all aspects of the business from management to advertising, finance and legal needs, to organizing and producing innovative photo shoots and videos. Silvia makes sure that the business runs it’s smoothest and that our customers are pleased with ClintonCharlie.

Clint is the Designer/Creative Director of ClintonCharlie. He is the reason you see, wear, style and love each pair of ClintonCharlie denim. From the simple cuts and washes to the crazy colors and booty hugging styles, it all originated with our creative designer, Clint.
Clint’s constant involvement from the design to and throughout the production process will ensure that each pair of denim jeans is perfected before reaching you.
If you want to know Clint a little better, take a look at our interview:


ClintonCharlie is the vision of 32-year-old self-taught designer Clint Webster, who runs the label in partnership with age 32 year-old model, Silvia Grenova, who he met on the set of a Booty Huggers photo shoot in 2007.
At the time, Grenova was modeling internationally and doing runway shows for Asia Pacific Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week. Webster, meanwhile, was growing his denim label by selling Australian-made denim products at Sydney shopping attraction, Paddington Markets.
The partnership between Webster and Grenova has brought exciting change and new business development opportunities for the ClintonCharlie brand. 
“Together, we have become a steadfast team with our combination of creative aptitude and business nous”, says Webster. “There is a lot of interest in ClintonCharlie at the moment and I know that other big denim labels are aware of our presence in the market, so it’s an exciting time for us”.
Plans are also underway for expansion of the label into Europe and the United States, as international demand for ClintonCharlie Booty Huggers has become enormous due to a massive online push from those on the ClintonCharlie and Booty Huggers fan page on Facebook.  The online networking site currently generates the majority of ClintonCharlie’s sales.
Available in many styles, cuts and washes, Booty Huggers are Australian made and have become the new favorite designer jean of many women of all sizes and ages from all around the world.

This post comes to you from ClintonCharlie

Monday, December 10, 2012

Spotlight On: Victorian Woman by Manuela

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I recently discovered a new designer 'Manuela' settled in the mist of all the love and romance of France and creating passionate work of art in the form of her designs. She is inspired by fashion from the past, art, gothic literature, underground culture, legends and mysteries, to name a few!
Her sense of style and her ability to relate to her creations at a personal level gave rise to VictorianWoman a brand of fashion accessories handmade in France and created in 2009. It offers women feminine and sophisticated accessories, in unique and limited edition items.
In the designer's own words, "This year, Victorian Woman introduces a brand new collection where silk fabric and gemstone beads are in favor. It offers women even more luxurious and romantic fashion accessories and new ones all year round. The collection will present new under bust corset designs, hats, lace jewelry, jewelry sets, neck corsets and bags that will cause a sensation!”

The designs are now adorned with sterling silver jewelry, “because it is important for Victorian Woman to create exceptional designs and to provide our customers with a very particular experience in the world of fashion”.

It is presented by Adrianna, our charismatic model that perfectly embodies the femininity, the distinction, and the sophistication of the designs of the brand.
This creative and highly Gothic Chic brand has many surprises in store such as unreleased collections, in particular a “Steampunk” collection, a Wedding collection and many more.
The sense of detail, quality, and the exclusivity of our designs remain our priority; it is important to seduce our customers inviting them to discover all the creative inspirations of the brand."

All photos courtesy of VictorianWoman,
model Adriana - Photos by Sylvain Renault
Here's an Interview with the designer herself...

Q1) How did you get into fashion design?
I have always been attracted by clothes that can improve our appearance and give us a personal style. I started making a few clothes for me when I was at university because there were no alternative shops at that time where I could buy clothes (there were some in Paris, Grenoble), mainly some skirts and bracelets, mittens, purses.
The very moment when I decided to get into fashion was when I had the idea of my project, “Victorian Woman”: I started sewing more and more, and slowly, it became obvious that it had to become a daily activity and then I created my own studio.
For me, it is a satisfaction to give birth to pieces that enter the life of people and to provide high quality and original accessories.
Q2) Did you study to be in fashion?
If yes, where did you go to school? What did you study?
I haven’t done a fashion school or an artistic school.
I have been at the University of Nice, in the South of France, where I studied mainly languages and their civilization (Italian, English) as well as law, English and Italian literature. This educational background leaded me to work first as a hostess in tourism and then as a teacher. But I was always aware that it was a phase and not a vocation because I have always been creative in my personal life.
At university, I discovered English and Gothic literature, the pre-Raphaelite paintings and their significations. I love Renaissance paintings too. The textures, fabrics, women, expressions, themes that are depicted in those paintings inspired me a lot for my collections.
Q3) Did you have to train or apprentice with another designer?
If yes, how was that?
I am autodidact for sewing and design: I have an atypical path because I didn’t learn to make fashion accessories at school or with a designer. I read a lot of books dealing with the making of clothes, period fashion, making accessories, about fabrics. The internet had also been a huge help! Many interesting and gifted people share their knowledge and experience with others. I learned a lot thanks to them.
I really would have like to apprentice with a designer. I would love to learn the tricks of other designers, their own process of creation and their advice.
Q4) What inspires your designs?
Creating is a strong way of communication that permits to show a part of you and let’s out what is inside. In that sense, my designs are a gathering of all my passions: sewing, arts (cinema, fashion designers, sculpture, engraving, and illustrators), music, jewellery, romantic fantasy literature, Renaissance and Pre-Raphaelite period painting, esoteric writings, legends and mysteries.
If you look closer at the names of the designs, you will easily imagine which legend, book, sensation, stone, color, hero, a name of a romantic city… inspired me at that moment. It can also be linked to a personal story. I am culturally and personally involved in each piece.

Q5) What about fashion as a business? How do you find it compared to established brands, the so called 'whales' of the business?
It is very interesting and blossoming. To lead a personal project, to permit a brand to become known to the general public, to show the best of you, to meet interesting and creative people is something that I imagined only in my dreams.
But nothing is easy! To create a brand in the fashion world today is a hard and long-term job, but the personal satisfaction you get is incomparable!
As a very small and young firm, it’s getting harder and harder to be noticed among big brands which have power and money to be endorsed by celebrities. I think that small brands must propose special designs that can’t be found everywhere, have to diversify and mark down significantly to be noticed, to have their own touch, their own personality.
That’s what I try to do with my designs: to bring something original and artistic, to give a great importance to my customers, to make designs that are really linked to my personality, to build a strong identity and image around my creations, to give my customers a kind of new experience in fashion. I believe that people adopt a dress style to show who they are and need this differentiation today more than before.

Q6) What advice would you give to a young upcoming designer and design students?
I feel a little young as a fashion designer to give advice, but the main things are hard work and to never give up if you believe in your project, if you are creative and passionate with fashion design. I think that a lot of creativity, a touch of eccentric, to build a personal touch are the main ingredients to be a successful fashion designer. Fashion knowledge is important too and nothing comes without perseverance.

All photos courtesy of VictorianWoman,
Steampunk Collection with Anaïs - photos by Jean-François Romero

To get in touch with the Designer and for inquiries about Victorian Woman Contact:

(in French and in English)
(in French)





Gifts for Him

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Shopping for some chic stocking fillers for him can at times be tricky, but if you stay focused on making him feel special and masculine at the same time, you can create your very own list of special finds and a personalized gift set that reflects his taste and yours!

Featured here are some gift ideas we put together for that special someone!

1. Armani Exchange A|X Candle, 38 CAD - a perfect gift to add a touch of softness to his rugged  style while staying away from feminine blues, pinks and yellows.

2. Hollister Co Classic So Cal Bracelet, 12 CAD - Genuine leather, Wrapped bracelet, Logo engraved button closure, Classic fit. A perfect accessory for all his casual attires.

3. Enchainment Candle holder, 7.94 CAD - He may tell you he hates all your candles floating around the house and needs some masculine style but gift him this soft candlelight for bikers and we promise he won't stop gushing over it! Biker or not, he’ll love the unusual use of recycled bike chain as decorative candle holder.

4. BLEU DE CHANEL Shower Gel, 41 CAD - A perfect match to the perfume and a great add-on to his toiletries. With its ultra-foaming formula, the BLEU DE CHANEL shower gel has been specially designed for men's skin.

5. Stainless Steel Railroad Link Bracelet, 19 CAD - This particular piece is currently on SALE! and has gone down from a whooping CAD 50 to only CAD 19 in price, a great piece of jewelry for the man who hates jewelry! He is sure to love it for the added masculine style quotient his outfits will get, with an understated charm.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

London Hub Fashion

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I was recently introduced to a British company called London Hub Fashion, who have captured the fashion scene with their trend driven collection of ladies party wear at affordable prices.

So as the Christmas shopping gets more and more hectic and the malls crowd up like crazy, I thought an insight into LFH will be a pleasant distraction for everyone and maybe we can already start planning our 2013 shopping list, starting with some of the LFH party outfits!
The company directors Helen and Leanne both come from a well experienced background in fashion and have worked for British high street retailers, including some big names like Topshop, Topman, Marks & Spencer, Ted Baker, Bravissimo, Karen Millen England and Peacocks London. They are the latest sensation in Europe and fast growing and expanding their roots in the International retail scene.
One of the best things that strike me about LFH is that they pay close attention to the latest trends and design their range with a set customer profile. This is particularly great when people like us are looking to find fashion that reflects the current runway looks but is also within our reach. Another factor to consider is that they claim to be one of the fastest in terms of incorporating the season’s best looks and delivering it to the consumers, again, something not very common in retail. They are bringing UK fashion culture to a global market and making wearable yet trendy clothes. They are currently doing both knits and wovens; casual day wear as well as evening wear and have an accessories line to complete the looks! Great, isn’t it?
Here’s a sneak peek of their newest evening wear range for women, all set for a stylish SS2013...

P.S. Love the peplum dresses in black and purple, also check out the bold monochrome pieces like the simple cut lace dress with black collar and cuffs! Simple! Classy and Elegant!
LHF - are happy for new stockists to contact them if they want to offer the brand in store
Contact LHF at:
Call LHF:
Helen: +44 (0)7812 925 984 or Leanne: +44 (0)7966 655 561
You can also connect with them via Skype at:

LIKE their facebook page here:

Friday, December 7, 2012

My 5 Favourite Holiday Pieces From My Wardrobe

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As a designer and lover of fashion, being asked to choose my 5 favourite pieces from my wardrobe is a bit like being asked to chose which of my children I like the best.  However, when adding the context of ‘holiday’ there are clear standouts that have come to mean so much more than pieces of clothing to me.

Two key pieces from my collection this Fall - the heather-grey cashmere cardigan and dress soon became indispensable favourites.  Already on regular rotation, I know I will find myself snuggling into my twin-set, drinking mulled wine late into Christmas Eve, while I wrap presents.

My worn but cosy dressing-gown, combined with a mug of tea, has seen more than its fair share of ‘earlier than anticipated’ Christmas mornings.  Curled up by the tree with my children and husband unwrapping presents there’s nowhere I’d rather be.

In my Fall 2010 collection, I designed what became one of my ‘go to’ dresses.  Elegant but ever so comfortable, it has allowed me the confidence to know that I look great in the midst of the chaos of Christmas day with extended family.

Beloved moccasins, a gift from my mother, are beginning to show their age, but as familiar as the scent of her perfume.  After a busy day Christmas shopping, I can exhale when slipping into them and know that I am home.

Treasured gifts from my husband, that include, an Armstrong Fox scarf and Slo mitts.  I love to wear them on cold brisk days and feel the warmth that reminds me of long walks holding his hand.

When it comes to Holiday pieces there’s probably a stable of clothes that you rely upon every season to see you through. The beauty of these stalwarts is they can easily be updated with accessories allowing you to combine the sentimental with the now.


This is a guest post by Jennifer Durand from Ziliotto
An introduction to the author:
Jennifer Durand is the founder and designer of Ziliotto. After working under Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel for many years, Jennifer returned home to Toronto inspired to create her own brand.  She designs feminine, timeless and chic pieces to reflect a woman’s inner beauty.
Visit her website: 

Follow her on twitter: @ziliottoinc
For inquiries about the brand or to contact the designer,

So what are your favourite pieces from the winter wardrobe? Do you also have that one dress or coat or a scarf, you fall back to time and again? Be it the memories it brings or the way it makes us feel, each one of us has a special something we cannot imagine ever throwing out of our closet, season after season... after season. Tell us more, your thoughts, your style!xx


Thursday, December 6, 2012


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I have BFF's!!! Not what you think, I'm referring to Broad Feet n Fingers. That's what I am calling them from now on "my BFF's".
And after twice spending money on Aldo shoes (around $150) I have finally realised my feet will never feel comfortable in one of them again...ever...never again :(
It's a sad thing as many a times I have come across such cute little affordable numbers, mostly replicas of big brands but alas! my feet are too broad in the front to peacefully settle down inside Aldo shoes for a full day...
Which brings me to next point! As you all know, I have been moving countries for a while now and was always prepared to re discover sizes and shapes according to my body every time I settled in a new country, but never in a million years did I think of my feet!
So, in India and South Africa I knew I had broad feet because once in a while I would try a friend's sandals or compare my feet to S's and so on, but I never faced any problems finding my size or in this case, my shape of shoe...(except for when I would go shopping for running shoes, can never be too careful there)
But since I moved to Canada, not one pair I have bought doesn't hurt, be it heels, flats, any other kind of footwear, they are all simply too narrow at the front.
Makes me think why? And to top it all, the other day I saw a shop, basically payless, they had this whole different section marked for broad toes. Now that to me is just like someone being made to shop from the plus size stores. It hurts!
This is something I will definitely get to the root of but in the meantime, share with me if you have the same problem shopping for shoes. Any other troubles you go through while shoe shopping or are you genetically blessed with a figure perfect toe?

Monday, December 3, 2012

Origami Mondays

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Today we are celebrating the art of Origami.....
these Monday morning picks are beautiful pieces of art, more than a fashion statement and are like a well draped couture dress, each of them sure to be the center of conversation!

Featured here: Alejandro Ingelmo 120mm Origami Suede & Patent Low Boots, Origami Jewelry from, River Island Silver Tone Origami Bird Long Necklace, Neon fuchsia pink necklace - origami lotus flower from Etsy, Ted Baker Bowvet Glitter Origami Bow Clutch Handbag, Black, Francesco Ballestrazzi Versace Origami Satin And Felt Hat, Ted Baker OAKER - Origami bow platform shoe and Douwe Jacobs & Tom Schouten Origami Foldable Flux Chair.

Origami: (from
[Origami (折り紙?, from ori meaning "folding", and kami meaning "paper"; kami changes to gami due to rendaku) is the traditional Japanese art of paper folding, which started in the 17th century AD at the latest and was popularized outside of Japan in the mid-1900s. It has since then evolved into a modern art form. The goal of this art is to transform a flat sheet of paper into a finished sculpture through folding and sculpting techniques, and as such the use of cuts or glue are not considered to be origami. Paper cutting and gluing is usually considered kirigami.
The number of basic origami folds is small, but they can be combined in a variety of ways to make intricate designs. The best known origami model is probably the Japanese paper crane. In general, these designs begin with a square sheet of paper whose sides may be different colors or prints. Traditional Japanese origami, which has been practiced since the Edo era (1603–1867), has often been less strict about these conventions, sometimes cutting the paper or using nonsquare shapes to start with.
The principles of origami are also being used in stents, packaging and other engineering structures.]

Friday, November 30, 2012

Toggle Artist Jewelry

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Spotlight On: Wendy Mueller

Recently, I discovered a very talented jewelry designer, Wendy Mueller. She opened her online store not too long back and has some very unique and colorful solutions to accessorizing any outfit. Her line of jewelry is available for sale on ‘STORENVY’ link here: by the name ‘Toggle Artist Jewelry’. She uses colorful stones and beads along with toggle clasps and makes on-of-a-kind interchangeable pieces that can be mixed and matched according to your outfit.

You can easily take the clasps of one piece of earring/necklace and put it together with a totally different set of beads or alter the placement of a pendant. That means a necklace from her store that has a dangling set of beads, can be worn either as a front pendant or as a drop at the back in case you are pairing it up with a low back/ backless dress and need to add some glamour around your bare back. In the same manner you can play around with various pieces of earrings.

Her unique design ideas have made metal clasp jewelry the next big thing in any fashion savvy’s collection. Not only does she ship all over the world, she currently also has a holiday sale going on for a lot of her pieces, that means when the time comes to fill up the stocking for someone special, you will have a perfect pair of earrings or a beautiful beaded necklace all set to charm their hearts!

Visit her website today to grab your favorite piece:
Find her on facebook here:

Here is an interview with the diva herself:           

Q1) how did you get into jewelry design?
I didn't exactly start out wanting to make jewelry. I went to a craft show with my mom, I think in 1985 or 86. I saw a tree made out of wire. I think it was brass wire, and it had copper leaves. I don't remember who made it. I had that tree stuck in my mind for years. In 1992 I bought a spool of 24 gauge wire. Had no idea what to do with it. I couldn't find any books on wirework. So the spool of wire was put away. About 10 years later I bought an inexpensive set of jewelry making tools. But I couldn't find my spool of wire so the tools were put on a shelf.
A few years later I started collecting beads. Then a very good friend gave me a Michael's gift card for Christmas one year and I found a book on making wire jewelry. After reading it I decided I needed to learn more before I dived into it. So I kept on collecting beads and out came the tools and I started putting things together. I was just intending to make jewelry for me because I didn't care much for what was sold in department stores. Once I got started I just kept going and before I knew it I had made about 20 items. As I was making the jewelry I was showing it to my friend and she started telling me I should sell it.
That was maybe 3 years ago. I didn't feel like I was ready to do that yet. But not long after that I started making earrings with the toggle clasps. I don't wear earrings but I thought it would be a good thing to get into because they could be interchangeable. I like working with the toggle clasps.

Q2) did you study to be in fashion?
 If yes, where did you go to school? What did you study? I never studied anything to do with fashion. I took art classes in school from 3rd grade on through high school.

Q3) did you have to train or apprentice with another designer? If yes, how was that?

No. I’ve learned on my own, either from books or tutorial videos. Learning as I go just by trial and error.

Q4) what inspires your designs?
I look at beads or stones and ideas pop into my mind. Sometimes I have trouble sleeping because an idea will pop in and wake me up. Sounds kind of funny but it does happen that way. Sometimes when I get started on a project it evolves into something else.

Q5) what about fashion as a business?
How do you find it is in jewelry design for a new and upcoming designer? Well, it definitely is not easy. I was never good at creative writing so coming up with good attention grabbing descriptions is a challenge. I had no idea what I was getting into. I have learned so much and still have a long way to go. But there is no backing out now.

Q6) what advice would you give to a young upcoming designer and design students?
Go for it! Don’t give up and don’t let anyone stop you. Learn everything you can about the area you are interested in.



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