Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I am what I am.

I am what I am.

I am what I am. by stylescribbles featuring floral hair accessories

I love long baths, I find them to be extremely relaxing, especially after a hard workout or a long run. Also I love to read a good book or even the latest magazine while in the bath (considering I am a very impatient girl, long baths can be…well a bit too long at times). I love to decorate my bath tub and the bathroom, sometimes maybe, even a little more passionately than my bedroom (weird? Nah!!). The other place I like to relax in is a nice lounger or sofa, someplace comforting and worth cuddling in on a gloomy day.
I love protein bars, particularly the ones with oats and chocolate, they have become my favored breakfast recently (sometimes it’s just a protein shake although I prefer the bars more). Another meal that I can make do with anytime is a nice hot chicken noodle soup with some toasted bread on the side (always a perfect meal to cheer me up, I am kinda low maintenance, strange, considering I am such a foodie, hmm!).
I love jewelry boxes, all kinds from paper-to wooden-to the beautiful crystallized ones, even metal. I absolutely have to own more pairs of fabulous flats than heels, considering they are my best friend all through the day, while on the run. I cannot think of a life without my favorite perfumes in it. Much love. xx

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