Tuesday, November 29, 2011

pick of the day

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Diamonds are forever…

…but some things go beyond time. Yes! the ever so lovely, always in trend and the ultimate coupling of denim-leather-gold (or as I see it- blue-black-gold). I love this combination and have personally sported it on various occasions. It says rocker chic and can be adapted in so many different ways. Take for example the all time classic blue jean-white tank-black leather-gold chunky jewelry. Also can be a denim or chambray shirt with a leather jacket, as for gold, it can be chunky jewelry (so much in trend currently) or it can be a gold footwear/ handbag/ even a gold sequined scarf.

Check out a few looks I pulled together, you can mix n match your own style with these three elements, and can make it an apt look for any season. Love it! Own it!xx

Monday, November 28, 2011

Autumn Winter 2011-2012: Trend Alert!

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The White Coats
Trenches have always been a classic and a tan colored trench can never go wrong. From daily rush hour to the very glamorous evening attire, trenches have found their way in, as every girl’s wardrobe essentials. But last winter saw the ultimate makeover of the men’s tuxedo look in a women’s jacket. The look was best displayed by the black collared, white Stella McCartney jacket that won over millions of fans and was replicated in a thousand different street wear looks.
This season however sees a rise in the trench, again, but this time it is white. Yes! a white trench (oftentimes with a black piping or button details) has been seen all over the runways. Also to be seen was a lot of white faux fur (remember Isabel Marant?) jackets and coats. The white coats are oozing out the ultimate glamour quotient currently, from day wear to evening. Throw along a jeans and a t-shirt or pump up the style quotient of a sexy sequined dress, the white coats are everywhere. Also an ivory or chalk colored version can be spotted on the streets. This winter feel fabulous in white.xx

white for autumn 2011-2012

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Style Files...

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holiday colorz
Holidays bring memories of Joy and to me they always resemble color, LOTS and lots of color. It's the time of the year when everybody is happy, enjoying and celebrating life. Like me, many of you must be color addicts and as confused as I get at times. There definitely are times when I have such bold and bright dresses that I feel if I do repeat those, people will notice. But as many dresses as we may wear this holiday season, a few tricks can bring down our budget and satisfy our style hunger at times.

Firstly, jackets and coats- Try to find one (or two) jacket that is either in a neural color or a shade that goes with most of your wardrobe. You might also consider a bold color, in case it compliments your complexion and wardrobe perfectly. I believe it is okay to repeat a coat/ jacket, as long as it fabulously compliments your style.
Always, in your wardrobe, have a nude and a black heel. These, I have come to realize over the years, will go with almost everything and every occasion. Also important is to have an evening bag/ clutch that is a neutral shade. Again, I feel a light color can go a long way with many outfits, but sometimes, a bright shade just lights up your whole ensemble.
Even if you wear no jewelry, chances are you do wear earrings. Always make sure there is a simple yet elegant pair of studs or pearl earrings in your wardrobe. Sometimes a classic old hoop earring too does the magic.
Remember now, we don’t need to blast our pockets with matching jewelry, shoes and accessories for every dress we wear. A few compromises and some common sense can get us a lot of savings and a perfect look every time we step out.

holiday rainbow
Colors are great for holiday dressing

holiday dresses
A few dresses fit for a christmas or new years party

holiday basics
Essential holiday basics

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Katy Perry

Dressed in Westwood
Looking stunning here with her purple hair and the floral updo, Katy Perry walked the red carpet at the American Music Awards in a Vivienne Westwood Gold Label Long Delicate Dress.
As always, I love the cat eyes!
Photo via viviennewestwood at facebook.com

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Get the L00k

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It is always fun to find a look that you might like, be it on the runway, a magazine or on tv. Try to understand the focus of the design and get a grasp of the colors that work best for you. Once you have an idea on how you can mould that perticular look to suit your budget and yourself, it is always easier to find pieces that might work together the same way and give you an even better, more personalised and unique look. Be original. Be awesome. And don't be afraid to try new things.xx
Get the L00k

Zara shirts blouse
$60 - zara.com

Topshop shoes
£90 - topshop.com

Leather shoes
£55 - topshop.com

GUESS croc handbag
$83 - zappos.com

Kara by Kara Ross 14k jewelry
$268 - boutique1.com

Fringed shawl
$58 - nordstrom.com

Miss Selfridge wool fedora hat
£20 - missselfridge.com

ColOr BlOCk

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Inspiration can come from anywhere or anything. Keeping this in mind I randomly started clicking objects on my dressing table. In the end, I came across some fabulous color combinations, exciting new textures and great patterns, I could incorporate in my next collection. All this with my super handy HTC camera phone (it does work wonders for me). here are a few chosen ones...

Friday, November 18, 2011

I Heart...!!

Just a few more reminders, on why I love Manish Arora, as much as I do...
pics via Moda Operandi from his SS2012 collection!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Foolproof holiday dressup tips..

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Here are a few pointers to keep in mind while dressing up for that holiday party, AT ANY BUDGET!
for a night with your friends...
1. A great fitting black dress goes a long way, try out draped dresses or those with some textures.
2. When in doubt go for that perfect knee length black dress with a waist belt, your few extra holiday pounds will hardly show.
3. Invest in a fabulous pair of heels, in a shimmery neutral, they will go a long way, and with a lot of your outfits.
4. A clutch bag with some details, a slight embroidery or a motif, feathers ( current trend ) is an investment piece.
5. Those hollywood drop earrings are not just for the red carpet moments, they can bring an instant upgrade to any outfit, in any budget.
6. Make sure there is a pop of color somewhere in your outfit, but not too much for the eyes and not in every piece you wear.

Always remember this look can be achieved with any budget, from local discount shops to couture garments, just keep it clean, no body likes to see a shabby dress, stay positive and you never have to worry about how cheap or expensive a dress you have got!!

A hint on how to rock that office party...
1. Dont be scared to try that bold red colored dress, its the holiday spirit, get into it.
2. Keep the accessories simple, you dont want everything in bright shades, that is when it gets too much.
3. A classic cut dress goes a long way, with just a slight detailing that catches the eye.
4. Lace is a classic option, but try and avoid the cheap synthetic imitations, even within shopping in budget.

Again, this look can be achieved with any budget.

Here's a tip for when you have that family dinner...
So you do wanna be fashionable but not come across as too sluty, you want style oozing out but not so much as to come across as rude towards other less fashionably blessed sibblings....

1. Keep it simple- a nice, well fitted dress in a neutral other than black should work well for your style satisfaction
2. Don't overdo the accessories, but none the less add some sparkle, its holiday season afterall.
3. Add color somewhere but flow along the color scheme of your ensemble.
4. Look into the mirror before you go out, if you can't get your eye fixed on 1 thing, you are wearing a bit too many. Try to leave the focus on one centre piece.
5. Just go out and have fun with your family, bond well and remember you are your own style queen. :)

Again, this look does not need to burn your pockets, its a simple rule guide, that can give you the desired result with any budget you got. Try taking out old wardrobe staples, and mixing them with new accessories to give them a new life...

Friday, November 11, 2011

80's ChiLD

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proudly 80's

proudly 80's by stylescribbles on polyvore.com

I was BORN in 80's.
The last SANE generation! - We are the last generation that learnt to play in the street, we are the first who've played video games, seen cartoons in color and went to amusement parks. - We ... ... were the last to record songs of the radio on cassettes and we are the pioneers of walkmans and chatrooms... ...We Learned how to program the VCR before anyone else, play with the Atari, Su... ...per Nintendo and believed that the Internet would be a free world. - We are the generation of the Thunder Cats, the Transformers, Scooby Doo, Tom And Jerry, Jungle Book, Popeye, G.I. JOE. Traveled in cars without seat belts or air-bags - lived without cell phones. Rode our bicycles down the road without brakes. We nvr had phone but still kept in touch. We did not have Play stations, 99 television stations, flat screens, surround sound, mp3s, iPods, computers and the Internet, ...but nevertheless we had a GREAT Time !!! feel free to share as i did if you belong to the club!
(text via facebook)

LBD luv

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If I could go designer from head to toe, even if just for a day, this is pretty much what I would look ...with a fabulous McQueen Black Dress! I heart LBD.

Jimmy Choo suede high heels
$1,995 - net-a-porter.com

Stella McCartney foldover tote
$1,150 - shopsavannahs.com

Coin necklace
$2,280 - stylebop.com

Dannijo clip earrings
$295 - dannijo.com

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I am what I am.

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I am what I am.

I am what I am. by stylescribbles featuring floral hair accessories

I love long baths, I find them to be extremely relaxing, especially after a hard workout or a long run. Also I love to read a good book or even the latest magazine while in the bath (considering I am a very impatient girl, long baths can be…well a bit too long at times). I love to decorate my bath tub and the bathroom, sometimes maybe, even a little more passionately than my bedroom (weird? Nah!!). The other place I like to relax in is a nice lounger or sofa, someplace comforting and worth cuddling in on a gloomy day.
I love protein bars, particularly the ones with oats and chocolate, they have become my favored breakfast recently (sometimes it’s just a protein shake although I prefer the bars more). Another meal that I can make do with anytime is a nice hot chicken noodle soup with some toasted bread on the side (always a perfect meal to cheer me up, I am kinda low maintenance, strange, considering I am such a foodie, hmm!).
I love jewelry boxes, all kinds from paper-to wooden-to the beautiful crystallized ones, even metal. I absolutely have to own more pairs of fabulous flats than heels, considering they are my best friend all through the day, while on the run. I cannot think of a life without my favorite perfumes in it. Much love. xx

Monday, November 7, 2011

My love for...Etro!

The Geisha inside me was carelessly wandering across the internet, when suddenly I spotted this fabulous printed jersey dress in chocolate brown (paired here with some weird Japanese styling of my own- I envision myself wearing this dress and going for a tea party with some high fashion geishas to an old Japanese tea house- weird right? That’s me and my dreams). I immediately realized that I had rediscovered my love for ETRO. It has been a while since I last checked out this brand, and it was certainly my bad. There is a sense of adventure and ethnicity that I get from ETRO.

I love their paisley prints and the jacquards, also the way they infuse florals and mix geometric patterns. What I found out today though, was that, I am totally in love with their monochrome pieces as well. I have fallen head over heels for the wool blend jacquard skirt (paired here with a leather jacket, a golden Donna Karen tank and some fabulous color blocked pumps, not to forget the Etro embellished leather bag- in my dreams I am going to a rock-n-roll pub wearing this outfit)

Also, cannot take my eyes off the jacquard hooded bomber (the mix and match of patterns in it reminds me of the sweaters my grand mom used to knit for me). Lastly, who can resist the Etro paisley scarves but check out the handbags as well. Once again, I love the monochromatic patterns and the geometric textures. And finally, some bold, chunky jewelry to complete any look. I am such a big fan. Much luv.xo

Fact: (via etro.com) The Paisley motif first appeared in the Etro collections back in 1981. It was not only a masterpiece of the production, but it also became a symbol of the Etro brand, and would remain so for years to come.

Spotlight on...Falabella

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They don’t come cheap, but they do come gorgeous -defines these Stella McCartney bags perfectly.

I love the bordering chain, the softness and the strong sense of rock-n-roll that these bags exude. The fold-over tote is by far my favorite, it can be worn two different ways, both very chic. Also the new shape for A/W2011-‘ Shaggy Deer Falabella Shopper’ is adorable. I am also particularly in love with the colors of the collection. This is surely a bag that defies the laws- it isn’t an accessory but the main attraction of any wardrobe. Hell yeah!

Fold over Falabella shaggy deer fabric tote

Shaggy Deer Falabella Shopper

Luxurious metallic gold boucle wool falabella large square tote
 All photos via stellamccartney.com

Thursday, November 3, 2011

what am I loving this season..

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It’s time to hit the beach, here, in South Africa and as always my eyes keep wandering off to florals, animal prints and sheers. The best part about summers being that nothing can ever be too much or too little, too soft or too loud… Its summers!! By the beach!!! Come-on!

In my preparation, I have been looking far and wide…into trends, brands and silhouettes. One very important trend (or not) I will sport a lot this summer is going to be ‘jumpsuits and rompers’. Yes! Love them (only to the point when I have to go pee, and then the whole getting naked in the public toilet can get tacky at times…. But what the heck…) so basically, my wardrobe for the beach vacation is going to be some fab lingerie, cute cover-ups and sexy night out outfits!

Now, I can probably live off the rompers, check out my picks for the same. From lounging-to casual day time look-to the ultimate evening wear! I have it all covered in jumpsuits (am I going too far? I did get into shape for summers, I think it’s time to flaunt.. what say?) Anywho, there are also a few pieces for the beach and some sexy laces, all from Nordstrom, check it out…

Florals juxtaposed with the leopard print, short lace-trimmed robe and chemise. I love the look although I prefer cotton over synthetics and this is polyester/ nylon, I think I could make it work, considering the hotel room has air conditioning (*wink). By In Bloom by Jonquil

Price for the robe $58.00 and the chemise $78.00

Love these printed cover-ups for the beach. First up, sheer chiffon airy light tunic colored with a vividly hued tropical jungle print. Approx. length from shoulder: 36".

The fabric is cotton/silk blend. It is by Nanette Lepore. Price $184.00
Second one (in shades of pink) is the kaftan style, kimono sleeves cover –up in bright paisley pattern. Fabric is nylon/ spandex. It is by Trina turk at $137.00
This lovely bright yellow cover-up is too cute to ignore, I will probably be sporting it as a casual day wear dress around town. Love the scalloped trim edges and the oversized ruffles. It has an elastic waist and is fully lined.
The fabric is rayon. It is by ViX Swimwear. Price $122.00

Totally in love with this black lace romper as an option for lingerie. It is an easy maintenance nylon/ spandex, machine washable piece and looks adorably cute. By In Bloom by Jonquil, priced at $40.00

Perfect vacation wear, as I said before (my love for rompers is too deep) check out these two soft printed rompers, perfect for lounging around the hotel and around. The first one is a cotton blend knit and priced at $18.90 (after a 50% discount) perfect as a sleepwear. The second one (white with blue florals) is rayon blend at $72.00

And now, behold! For the mother of all jumpsuits, this one is a fabulous Michael Kors piece, perfect for a night out, or even during the day (if you wanna go fancy) I love it to bits and even though it is at $300.00, I would buy it, just for the love of sequins and black. I love the harem look of the bottom. It is a rayon blend machine washable piece.  Love that it has front pockets and the belt is removable.
all photos via Nordstrom

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I Heart...!! A&F

Since it is getting to summers, in the part of the world, where I live in… here’s a few light and airy pieces I would probably be sporting in the coming months. It’s all from Abercrombie and Fitch, one of my go-to brands for seasonal day wear. Although a bit expensive at times, A&F makes up for it through the quality of garments. Where many expensive labels don’t last more than 4-5 washes, A&F is one of the few I can always rely upon.

The one thing, about A&F though, is that sometimes, the sizes seem to be smaller than other labels but then again, it’s targeting a specific customer. Well…below are a few of my favorite pieces. I love the sheer white tops and the navy dress in cotton lace is by far my favorite. Also, the clothes are perfect for hot summer afternoons but there are pieces that can be layered with jackets or other pieces to make them work almost all year round. I do like the idea of ‘NAVY’ as the new black in my wardrobe and I love pairing dark neutral shades with bright solid colors or a bold floral scarf.

Price $98

Price $98

Price $48

Price $190

Price $58


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