Wednesday, August 10, 2011

giftz from Vegas...

I got this beautiful ivory colored guess handbag with matching wallet, from the spring 2011 collection. Also got another handbag, again from guess, in beautiful coral colored print. Got a kewl blinking keychain with my name on it, powers using solar energy, from the hotel gift shop. Got a beautiful nautical charm bracelet and a heart shaped buckle belt, both again from guess. Got a fabulous ivory colored cell phone cover from jimmy choo (my first jimmy choo. LOL ) and got loads and loads of chocolates ofcourse from hersheys. Also my little baby bums ( my lovely dogs ) got cute lill bandanas, again from the hotel gift shop. The boy's reads "if u can read this pet me" and the girl's rightly reads " I am the princess thatz why" so cute. xo


Erika said...

Wow aweosme finds Im absolutely loving the ivory wallet! Me and my mom are huge fans of Guess bags, lovely post!!!

found u on IFB, love ur blog, following now! pls do check out mine and follow too, much appreciated~ :)


beebayonline said...

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