Saturday, December 31, 2011

welcome 2012

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Last post of the year.
As a part of my New Year's Work list, I have finally created my own Blog's facebook page. Yup, it had been on my mind since a while, and although I had been lazy about it, here it is about time, as 2012 arrives...

So now, its time for some celebrations...and then back to work from Monday!! Wishing everyone a Fabulous year ahead. Dream BIG. Aim HIGH. Its your turn to FLY. xo

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Pre Fall 2012: Vera Wang

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My favorite looks from the Vera Wang show
Photos via @moda operandi

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Friday, December 30, 2011

Fairy Tale Love

Zack Posen Pre Fall 2012 collection speaks to me like no other... It feels like there is a story behind the thought process, which is happy, fairy like and from the land of magic. This collection (for some reason of its own) reminds me of Narnia and Merlin. The shoulders, the pixie ear like sleeves, the fabrics and the volume of the silhouettes all relates to a classic fairy tale. I love! love! looovveeee! the sea- (teal) colored blouse with the front tie-up. The white top with what I am calling- The Pixie Shoulders, is something I want in my wardrobe in 2012 and the beautiful jacquard gown is definitely red carpet worthy, but I won’t be surprised if the evil witch of Narnia is seen wearing it in the next sequel. As 2012 approaches, I am totally smitten by Zack Posen!! Much Luv and a very Happy New Year!!! xx

Photos via Moda Operandi

Sunday, December 25, 2011

To All A Merry Christmas...

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...And A Happy New Year!!!

On this joyous Festive season, let me take this opportunity to thank all my followers, friends and everyone who has supported my blog. Be it a twitter re-tweet, useful tips, comments or simply a pageview, every single thing counts and encourages me to do a better job, be true to who I am and simply carry on. There are days when we doubt our capabilities and our decisions and at times we just simply want to give up. It is on such days when you all become my strength and push me forward. Much luv to all! Have a very merry Christmas. Joy to All! xoxo
- Tina Colada.

photo via google images.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

I Heart...!!

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Totally in luv with this 'Rag and Bone' pre fall 2012 collection scarf! Watercolor Scarf: $195/-

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

LBD luv

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Moda Operandi recently had a vintage trunk show comprising of pieces from RARE Vintage and Frock Vintage collections, for a unique fashion statement this holiday season. If you are like me, and are crazy in love with your little black numbers, you would be as thrilled as I was to find these precious beauties here. The trunk show ends today, so in case you have some extra dough to blow away and grab a piece of vintage, as precious as owning a piece of art for some might be, rush to ModaOperandi webpage and surprise yourself! Much love and a lot of holiday cheer. xo

Sheer Lace Cocktail Dress


Emanuel Ungaro Wrap Dress


Odicini Couture Strapless Brocade Dress

pictures via

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Pre Fall 2012: trend spotting

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The pre fall collections are out and the 2012 autumn looks milky, pastel and soft from where I stand. A lot of designers embraced soft tones of blue and pink, pastel shades in beige and browns and there was a solid retro feel to a lot of looks. Now, retro- being my favorite, in terms of styling, I picked out a few designers and looks to share. Although, there are a lot more looks, that were bright and chirpy, I will share them at a different time, today (as I said before) lets look at the softer, milkier side!
Diane von furstenburg
- note the red gloves complimenting the soft blue dress, also note the fishnet leggings- possibly a mah-joor trend for pre fall 2012

Loving the cigarette pants, again- note the softness in the colors.

- loving the paisley eyelet detail in the shirt, also the softness of the colors perfectly compliment the strong image the outfit as a whole projects.

love how the rich red color sits softly on the pastel blue
Band of Outsiders
- note the colors again, also the ribbed hem of the trousers, love the fact how little details can make or break a look, so often.




- note: love the soft earth colors in the above three pics
Rag and Bone
- soft pastel pinks

Rag and Bone
- note the tuxedo jacket coming up again, for pre fall 2012
- paisley eyelet dress

Rag and Bone

Rag and Bone

Juan Carlos Obando
- note: whites are milky and dull pastel, instead of harsh and bright

Emporio Armani
- note the soft pink, lingerie inspired, dress
 Note: Trends to look out for in pre fall 2012- pastel colors, soft baby hues, blues ans pinks, cigarette pants, bishop sleeves, front yoke shirts, tuxedo jackets, khaki pants and fishnet leggings, peep toes and pumps, rocker chic influence in styling, front ruffles and bows, cardigan sweaters, belts.
pics via,

Monday, December 19, 2011

A fashion recap- The year 2011

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It was a year full of Royal Blue and Emerald Green. Will the royal engagement and SJP revamping Halston Heritage, we saw the jewel colors floating around the world. From couture designers to cheap knock-offs, it was a year of blue and green dresses everywhere you looked. The year also saw the much awaited fairy tale wedding. Where some got there prince charming (the royal wedding), some found love and lost, all too publically (ref. Kim Kardashian), some got a lovely ending to a gypsy romance of their own (Kate Moss).
All in all, this year gave plenty of dreams to those planning a wedding and had a huge market for the replicated designs, be it the royal ring or the wedding and cocktail dresses.

2011 fashion recap..

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Comfort vs Heels

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Since I have been running a lot recently, like around 70-80kms per month, I have realized that I need to take care of my feet, really really well. Most importantly, I have limited my wearing heels to the minimum required. On a day to day basis, it’s become easier and wiser for me to opt for flats, as a single blister or an aching foot could mean no running for the day... hence my eye wanders to options I wouldn't have looked for previously. Here’s one such shoe, I am seriously considering buying.  Sperry Top-Sider shoes and here are a few ideas on how I would work it...

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A fashion recap- The year 2011

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As the year ends and we march into 2012 with new aspirations and resolutions ;-) here's a look back at what made it big! I will be posting random posts on my take of the year 2011, feel free to add to it your best loved moments, trends or just memories. much luv. xo
A fashion Recap

A fashion Recap by stylescribbles featuring short dresses
From Boyfriend Shirts to bow blouses, paisley patterns and florals wraps, a lot of lace and little bit of tartan, denim shorts to a peasant top, everything made a mark in 2011. What's your favorite look?


A FASHION RECAP-2011 by stylescribbles featuring a leather satchel bag
The denim trench, the owl jewelry...shoulder bags and color blocking... all saw the light of the runway this fabulous year-2011. what's your lookbook like?

fASHION RECAP---2011 by stylescribbles featuring floral print leggings
From Christopher Kane to Alexander Wang, Frau Blau to Stell McCartney... from Gheisha prints to Ikat and Tie-Dye. The scarves, wrap dresses and more. Leggings to Shoes, everything saw a burst of colors and prints. From Bold colors blocks to unusual color pops, 2011 was the year of the bold and the beautiful!!!

I am what I am...

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Holiday Season is here already, what with all the chaos and family and food. Hope you all remember to eat healthy and stay fit even in these difficult situations. Well, to take your mind off the latest to-do list that you might be struggling with, here's a different list of things I love. Take some time out yourself and ponder over the good stuff, your likes, your passion and your soul. Have a happy snappy day!! much luv.xo
I am…
In love with colors. Sometimes I over-do it. Oftentimes I feel blessed not being a total black and white wardrobe. I do like to mix a lot of black to sober down some flashy prints and colors at times though. I particularly love brights when it comes to day to day handbags or accessories. I also am a bright footwear girl, except for the times when I wear black heels…

I am a big sucker for junk jewelry. I am glad to wear anything from a suitcase to an owl, even fork and knife to a lock and key, as long as it comes in pretty patterns and funky styles. Oh and specially big jumbo earrings and big bracelets. I also am very fond of anklets
Oh and I have a weakness for sparkly shoes:-B yeah! Big time…
And I find huge handbags to be my lifeline. I am the mary poppins of my house. Everything I ever need can be found in my handbags, only if you can find it in time...
Most important things in my handbag (and even my dresser) to be spotted would be my lip gloss, my eyeliner, my perfume and my hair serum… on the go make up kit! I am what I am. Be Yourself! Be Awesome!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

SkiRt up

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The Rebel Girl

-By Joe Hill
There are women of many descriptions
In this queer world, as everyone knows.
Some are living in beautiful mansions,
And are wearing the finest of clothes.
There are blue blooded queens and princesses,
Who have charms made of diamonds and pearl;
But the only and thoroughbred lady
Is the Rebel Girl.
SkiRt up

Knits, Chains, Shimmer and Leather, its hard to resist the temptation to rock it up like a rebel with this perfect skirt by Opening Ceremony. I am also particularly loooovvving the boots- Oh! my heart goes out to fab boots. In fact, past couple of months, I haven’t bought a single pair of shoes, since I am moving out of this country soon. Believe it or not, it is heart breaking stuff, but as we all know, there is a limit to the amount of luggage you can carry unless you are super rich and don't care a dime about paying all that extra cash. My luggage is pretty much a lot, and add to it the countless shoes that will take up at least 2 huge bags, if not more. I have to hold on to my feelings cause there's only so much that I can chuck out of my wardrobe. hmm...
SkiRt up by stylescribbles featuring a knit cardigan

Saturday, December 3, 2011

pick of the day

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More holiday spirit with this outfit selection. I am in looooveeee with the Viktor & Rolf Tuxedo jacket!! and the Versace for H&M skirt with the DKNY top are shouting 'go party, its holidays' to me. hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend. much luv. xo

Friday, December 2, 2011

LBD luv

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Believe in the magic of christmas.
Enjoy colors and sex-up your little black dress.
I am specially loving the Versace for H&M collection, with all the bright and bold florals, its a perfect add on to any plain dress or a colorless outfit. A fun way of wearing a LBD,  look for inspirations in colors and textures and you can be in the charming holiday spirit, even while flaunting your curves in a plain black number.xx

Thursday, December 1, 2011


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