Friday, August 29, 2008

let the world be filled with a rainbow sky !!!

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I see a sunshine in your smile
I crave a lustrous wealthy high
I dream a risky dazzling life...
Let the world be filled with rainbow sky...

I smile, I cry....sometimes I shy
I yearn a mighty healing hi
I dread a heavy tearful bye...
I dream the world with rainbow sky...

How lucky would we be if the world got filled with rainbow sky for real, not just in terms of the colors but the spirit, the love and the romance of it all. The world would definately be a much better place to live your dreams... As I relax on this Saturday morning and pen down my thoughts with color and heart, this little rythm fills me with its love. The words just pour open in front of me as if I had known them for a lifetime. I draw an unusual illustration with the rainbow colors and at the end of it all, I am left with a very cheerful and light heart...ready to relax and take on the world with a full swing.

It feels like the beginning of a new phase in life, feels like a new positive me....well what all kinds of good thoughts can a nice long weekend that you got after ages leave you with...

Enjoy your weekend and celebrate it as the new beginning of a positive you... Have fun and Keep rocking...

Tina Colada

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hampi - the unwind island

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To begin my blog about art and design inspirations, its an absolute excitement for me to start with the mention of the one place I can always count on to relax my senses.

Hampi is located in Karnataka ( a southern state of India ) around 10 hours by train from Bangalore. The serenity begins to engulf you into its magical powers from the moment you enter the village. To reach the island you have to take a bus from hospet ( the closest railway station, 1 hour from hampi ), once you get off the bus it is a 10 minutes walk to the river bank from where you can take a 2 minutes ride on the motor boat.

The coolest thing about hampi is that there is no commercialization till date.There is no network coverage for the usual airtel and hutch connections and its nature in its raw simple form.A pleasant walk around the village, an afternoon shopping at the hampi bazaar, a bike ride to the hanuman temple, its unending fun to be there.
The hampi bazaar ( as it is commonly known as ) has some fabulously comfortable and astonishingly low priced clothes which are totally hippie in their approach.

To stay I have discovered a lovely cottage by the name of Hema Cottage, owned by a very sweet Israeli-Indian couple. If you are a foodie like me and want delicacies wherever your travels may take you then hampi will never disappoint you. With food ranging from french, Israeli, and Indian cuisines, the list is endless and delightful.

But if you are a metro sexual who really can not live without his gadgets and the network connection even for a minute then hampi might not be the place for you...


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