Saturday, July 18, 2015

Back in the grind

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to welcome all new and old readers back to stylescribbles.
After a 2 year break, the blog is going back live. In the past 2 years, I have settled down in a new city/ country, started my own womenswear label, built a new business and fostered new friendships.

In all the hustle of the above mentioned, most importantly building a new brand in a new city, I realized the blog was taking a back seat and made the hard choice of putting it at a halt.

Now that I am getting back into blogging you'll see a lot more fashion and lifestyle related posts, also I will constantly be updating you on the latest with my label- House of Poplyn.

I will do a lot more OOTD posts with many more styling tips and a swift move towards making this blog an extension, rather an outlet to introduce my brand to the world.

There will also be a lot of behind the scenes from my shows and shoots as well as random candid moments from my life as a designer.

All in all, not much different from the last time we were around but with newer additions and better focus...

Hope you enjoy our journey and wish you a happy summer weekend filled with sunshine and laughter..xx

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