Monday, April 29, 2013

Revlon Selects

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Connect the dots...

A little experiment lead to this fun nail art design using the ' Rose' nude shade by Revlon and the Nail Art 'Expressionist' color combo. Dots are everywhere this season and now on my nails too :-P. Thank you Revlon Selects.xx

Arts & Fashion Week 2013, FAT

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Last week saw the much awaited yearly 'Arts and Fashion Week' by FAT, where almost 500 national and international artists, designers and photographers take part.

Here are a few behind the scene and event images captured by a very talented Toronto based freelance photographer, Ana Franco

All photos courtesy of Ana Franco.
Visit her facebook page here:
To know more about the Art and Fashion Week visit:

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Weekend 'Body Shop' Haul and GIVEAWAY!

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Hey guys, this is what I got this weekend... my body shop craving was at all time high and with awesome (3 for 30$, 4 for 40$...) discounts going on I grabbed my favourite one's for just CAD25.00.

This was a great saving and I am loving the new body mist, I tried for the first time, to the core!

I got the Moringa body mist with moringa extract and sugarcane essence and it is DELICIOUS!
Also got Chocomania shower cream that is oh-so-chocolaty in all the good ways possible!
Got a re fill of the Nutriganics foaming facial wash and
Fig and Rosemary shower gel for Earth lovers!

Join the GIVEAWAY now...

What is your favorite Body shop buy? Have you tried the Moringa body mist?

I will be giving away a $10 gift card for the Body shop to one lucky reader, so they can try the Moringa Body mist or spend it towards a purchase of their favorite supplies from the body shop. To join this giveaway, follow stylescribbles via google friend connect, if you don't already and hit like on the facebook page.
A lucky reader will be chosen randomly on the 15th of May 2013 and will be notified via email about their gift.

Please note, this is not a subscribed giveaway and the gift will be bought by me personally for the reader.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

DIY: Padded Clothes Hanger

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I did this little DIY day before because I was in need of a bit fancy/ padded hanger to shoot a few garment pics on. The hanger came out a bit droopy at the shoulders, but is fine for strappy dresses I guess. I wasn't fully happy with the outcome, as I needed it for photographs, but if you are looking for cute additions for your wardrobe or just want to make those wire hangers prettier, this is the DIY you might want to try.

Also the fact that I didn't need to buy or source anything from outside makes it worth the while. I spent around 15-20 mins and it was done. The hanger I used was a wire hanger I got with my drycleaning, the cotton pads are the 'Dove' make up remover pads, the wlite tissue is a roll from the dollar store that I had some left from around Christmas, also I wrapped it in a rough piece of cotton cloth to add some bulk . Other than these, you just need scissors, scotch tape and maybe transparent glue.
Below is a step by step picture description of what I did and how...

I started by taping 2 cotton swabs together on the sides of the hanger, after I bent the hanger to get the desired curved look, as available in the market...

A detailed photo of the first two swabs taped over the hanger

finished with 2X3=6 swabs taped to a side

added 2 cotton swabs from the bottom to the far corners and then placed 2 extra on top to give extra padding at the ends of the hanger...

Also taped 2 cotton pads to the top most part, here's the tissue I used to wrap around

Covered the hanger with a rag, left over piece of cotton, if you like it, you can use a long strip of printed cotton fabric as the final wrapping too...

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Etsy Shop updates

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New Item added:

We were so inspired by the fall/winter 2013 runways and Isabel Marant that we did our own version of the studded scarf to match our style and budget!
get the look at our Etsy store and flaunt your style this year!



Arden Reed

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I know stylescribbles is mostly a girl's hangout but today's post is for all the stylish men in your lives! Arden Reed is hitting the road and will be travelling across US with a 3D body scanner fitted in the truck. So if you are a man frustrated and unsatisfied with your office wardrobe, this is the good karma that is coming back towards you. Make sure to be there when they are in your neighbourhood and you can get 007's killer looks with the perfect fit.

They say, a suit only looks as good as the wearer, Arden Reed believes in making sure you look good in your suit. With a custom fitting for every piece you buy, these will be the clothes you cherish for a lifetime.

From a humble beginning, born out of necessity, Arden Reed is redefining the future of fashion and the importance of fitting in men's wear. Every month Arden Reed designs new complete outfits for the professional man. So do not miss out on this chance to get a better, more fashionable wardrobe that reflects your personality and uplifts your style.

Show your support in redefining men's fashion by backing their Tailor Truck project, here:

The 'Tailor Truck' will be up and running by the end of May 2013 and will start its journey from Phoenix, covering LA, San Francisco, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, DC before finally ending at NYC.

Also, if you would like to add your city to the route, message them and visit their PAGE to show your support, invite friends and family to join in the campaign!

Here's a little peek inside what's in store for you at the 'Tailor Truck'

The Truck currently under construction will come fitted with a 3D body scanner. It will take 16 points of measurements as well as a body profile scan. The body scan will be overlaid with a CAD design of your suit ensuring a fit like no other.

Also visit their site for more updates and custom clothing, here:

Take a look at the Preview Video for 'The Tailor Truck' here:

This is a sponsored post, powered by BrandBacker
any reviews and comments expressed about the product are unbiased and my own.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Revlon Selects

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The Runway Collections for Revlon

A quick post today, telling you about the surprise package I received from Revlon Canada today. With summer playing hide and seek and winter determined to stay, the days are getting warmer slower than snail's pace. Sometimes on days like these, all a girl needs is a pretty little package waiting for her by the door.

Revlon Selects surprised me with these nail art products I can't wait to try out. P.S. I was gonna go out hunting for the perfect nude shade this weekend and had been dying to try Revlon 3D nail art stickers.

Haven't yet used them properly, really just received them, but tried out a finger each and here's what I felt...
The nail enamels dry pretty fast, always a plus! The nude shade is awesome, 1 coat is enough if you are in a rush. The metallic shade does look pretty cool as it changes color with the play of light, it needs 2 coats for proper shine and is also quick to dry. The nail are is 3D and very easy to use, it comes with it's own little applicator/ filer. The 3D art does not require any drying time so good to go as soon as you dab it on your nail.

All in all, I am super happy with this gift box. Loved all three products and can't wait to use them all up! Thank you Revlon Canada!xx

P.S. Please don't mind the boyish square nails and the not so focused cell phone clicked pictures, due to utter excitement!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sonas Denims San Francisco

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I found out about Sonas San Francisco patch work denims via Brand Backer and was pleasantly surprised. These patch work beauties are making their way up in the fashion circles and have been spotted on celebs every now and then.

These patch work jeans remind me of a pair I owned when I was a teenager and are truly a work of art as each denim is basically a puzzle put together by combining almost 50 pieces. These come in skinny, ultra skinny and flared fits, named: Broadway Skinny, Haight Ashbury Flare, Nopa Skinny and Polk Street Ultra Skinny for women and various slim fits for men as well. From the looks for it my favorite so far is the Broadway skinny and the Polk Street Ultra skinny.

Just for the StyleScribbles readers, Sonas Denims are giving a 20% discount, at checkout type the Reader Discount Code: love2013 and enjoy your own patch work wonder. Oh and their website also has free shipping/ free returns policy! Bonus!

Visit for more info and a fashionable shopping. xx

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013


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