Sunday, March 24, 2013

BA STAR Smoky Eye Shadow Palettes

Today I have a new product I would like to introduce you all to, an affordable range combined with a great discount, this is in my top 5 new products to try (and buy) list and if you are as crazy about eye makeup as me, should most certainly be in yours too!

I got to know this brand via Brand Backer and am excited to announce that BA STAR is offering Style Scribbles readers a 50% off on purchase! Just enter the code BBSMOKY at upon check-out.

Each palette contains 3 high pigment matte eye shadows and 2 gel glitter highlighters to achieve the perfect effect. They come in 4 different color combinations namely, Smoky, Natural, Pretty N Pink and True Blue. I love how the little case has a brush with a swab end as well.

I am yet to try these and with just $8.75 per palette combined with the above mentioned discount, these are going to be in my makeup closet before the end of the week!

Visit for more bling, make up kits and other cool stuff!
Until then, B-A-star, BE Awesome. xx

This is a sponsored post, powered by BrandBacker
any reviews and comments expressed about the product are unbaised and my own.


Emma O said...

I'd never heard of the makeup company BA STAR.
How long does the makeup actually last? I find that many makeup products advertised just don't stay on for very long.
The smokey pallet looks right up my street tho :D

Tina Colada said...

Hi Emma,

True! I was disappointed by the Revlon eye makeup in the same manner, and most times they end up being under pigmented too.

For now, with BAstar, I can't comment on that, as I am yet to try it.

Will let you know the feedback once I do, in the mean time I am just glad there's a 50% discount on these, I am probably going to get me the smokey palette myself.


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