Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Welcome 2013!!

First Christmas & New Year in TO

Hello everyone and welcome back to the daily life and grind. My heartiest wishes to all for a fabulous New Year and a warm welcome back to Style Scribbles. As you might have noticed, we have gone through some changes and have updated our blog with a new look for 2013.

The changes in looks aside, we are still the same featuring what's in trend and what we love to talk about. We are also looking at new sponsors and brands to collaborate with, as a step towards growing up and are planning to incorporate more reader interaction in the year to follow!

But this post is dedicated to wishing you all a very warm new beginning and to share our holiday memories, fun and frolic with everyone. Talking of holidays, this year was a fantastic one for me and S. We bought some mah-jo-rrr gifts for each other and shopped a lot. Oh! and then, there were gifts for our babies (read Olive & Phoebe, the barking half of our household :-P)

We spent Christmas with friends and went snow tubing and skiing in Barrie. Also cooked a lot and ...well... ate a lot too :-P.

The gifts started with a very well needed component for my blogging and S's wants in general :) We got our first DSLR, Nikon D3100. We are still practicing and experimenting with it but soon, the crappy photos on Style Scribbles will be replaced by great shots from my Nikon!! Yay!

Next in line was a sewing machine, I needed to start my own and progress more as a designer. We got the Singer, Fashion Mate and well, in between all the festivities, I haven't yet got the time to open it, but will be trying it out soon. Got to find a nice spot in the house and set up my work station first :)

Also we got cute little mutlucks boots for our dogs, this being their first winter in Canada and first time with snow, we were a little paranoid. But I believe they handled snow much better than we imagined and they even love playing in it, once they are all bundled up, of course.

We got winter boots for ourselves too, from 'Spring is here', there was a huge boxing week sale and we got amazing deals. Will upload pics of our shopping soon. Also acquired courtesy of the boxing week sale are, a whole new gym wardrobe from Adidas, new pair of denims for me from H&M, replenishment for the toiletries basket from 'Body and Bath works' and new bedsheets and covers from Ikea. The kids (read, dogs) also got a whole lot of soft toys from Ikea, they were all on sale.

All in all, we had a shopaholic Christmas, how was yours? Did you end up getting a lot of goodies in gifts or did u too get out and explore the boxing week sales to fetch the much needed supplies?
Do share your holiday fun with us and keep coming back for more. Be Yourself! Be Awesome!!xx

nikon D3100

nikon D3100 by stylescribbles featuring laura mercier

Singer fashion mate, image taken off the internet


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