Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The WORST dressed: Golden Globe Awards 2013

Girl! You've seen the best of the Golden Globes pouring in from all over the Internet, now just sit back, relax and ponder over these massive fashion blunders that appeared at the red carpet event...

Alicia Vikander in Chanel haute couture
I know it's winters and all and that snow is everywhere, along with the falling flurries, you might be in love with marshmallows and furry teddy bears!!! But Girl! Seriously!! Is this the BEST you could do?
Jessica Chastain in custom Calvin Klein collection
 Oh! For the love of GOD!! Need I say more?
Olivia Munn in Giorgio Armani
 I'll only say this... You look like the most stylish and the most expensively dressed Hawaiian waitress..
Rachel Weisz in Louis Vuitton
 Honey!!! It makes you look short to say the least, black does not look flattering in this silhouette, not on you at least and seriously!!! Think before you step out of your house/ make-up van?/ anywhere, is this the best you could do with sheers? Don't you know Prabal Gurung maybe, did you look at what the others wore? Duhh.
Sarah Hyland in Max Azria Atelier
 Again!!! How can people go sooooooo.... wrong with BLACK this year! Really, it does nothing more than damage for you, this dress. And I know you are growing up and all and trying to figure out your style, but THIS????
All photos from Style.com website


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