Monday, December 17, 2012

Revlon Selects: Photoready (Primer+Shadow)

So last week I got my
Revlon Selects package with the following shades-
It's a purple/ Gold/ Suede palette with
shimmer and shine
all set to get you into the holiday mood.
First up, I'll be reviewing the photoready eye shadow and primer in metropolitan...

Revlon Photoready 'Metropolitan'

I was excited in the beginning to see that this is one of those palettes that describes which shade goes where and had a nice selection of grey and shimmer to achieve a smokey eye look for the evening.
I was frankly a little disappointed in the end as I felt that the shadows were under pigmented, if you see the pictures below, you'll understand what I mean. Another thing that struck me was that the shimmer was too gaudy, or maybe too loud, not in general for me but if you are using the whole palette to create a look, you might end up with only visible shimmer all over your brows.

I did like the shades individually and since this was a free sample, I will definitely be using these but will most probably be mixing them with other shades from my collection to get the look I want.
The primer is a good quality but unfortunately, I would have loved a primer that was without glitter, that way I could have used it more often, but it does look good as a shadow ( I used it along with the top shade, that was meant to be for the brow bone and the look was good enough for an evening ).

One more thing, this palette ( mostly because it is so high on the shimmer ) is only going to work for evening looks for me, not for a day wear casual or office attire at all.

All in all, I like the way it lasts, it definitely doesn't crease or smudge along the eye lid crease and stays good through the evening but I would have loved a little more color/ pigment in the shades.

Hmm...will I buy it again, maybe not. As I said it felt under pigmented. But will this sample get wasted or thrown away? Not at all, it will work well mixed with other shades I have and I will keep trying to achieve a nice smokey eye mixing and matching, as it should have with this palette.

Overall, my verdict is... it could be made better!

But hey! try it, maybe it suits your skin tone or gives you a satisfactory result. Not everybody likes dark or heavy eyes. Also I just might go ahead and buy one of their other palettes to try, the shades do look tempting.

In any case, I got a nice set of shimmery gold and silver shadows to add to my vanity during these holidays.x

The bottom most is the primer, that on top is the highlight color for brow bone

All that is visible is the top coat ( golden glitter ) because the shadows are so under pigmented
I did apply a charcoal eye liner on top to add a bit of  finish to this look, otherwise it looked totally bland.

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