Friday, December 7, 2012

My 5 Favourite Holiday Pieces From My Wardrobe

As a designer and lover of fashion, being asked to choose my 5 favourite pieces from my wardrobe is a bit like being asked to chose which of my children I like the best.  However, when adding the context of ‘holiday’ there are clear standouts that have come to mean so much more than pieces of clothing to me.

Two key pieces from my collection this Fall - the heather-grey cashmere cardigan and dress soon became indispensable favourites.  Already on regular rotation, I know I will find myself snuggling into my twin-set, drinking mulled wine late into Christmas Eve, while I wrap presents.

My worn but cosy dressing-gown, combined with a mug of tea, has seen more than its fair share of ‘earlier than anticipated’ Christmas mornings.  Curled up by the tree with my children and husband unwrapping presents there’s nowhere I’d rather be.

In my Fall 2010 collection, I designed what became one of my ‘go to’ dresses.  Elegant but ever so comfortable, it has allowed me the confidence to know that I look great in the midst of the chaos of Christmas day with extended family.

Beloved moccasins, a gift from my mother, are beginning to show their age, but as familiar as the scent of her perfume.  After a busy day Christmas shopping, I can exhale when slipping into them and know that I am home.

Treasured gifts from my husband, that include, an Armstrong Fox scarf and Slo mitts.  I love to wear them on cold brisk days and feel the warmth that reminds me of long walks holding his hand.

When it comes to Holiday pieces there’s probably a stable of clothes that you rely upon every season to see you through. The beauty of these stalwarts is they can easily be updated with accessories allowing you to combine the sentimental with the now.


This is a guest post by Jennifer Durand from Ziliotto
An introduction to the author:
Jennifer Durand is the founder and designer of Ziliotto. After working under Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel for many years, Jennifer returned home to Toronto inspired to create her own brand.  She designs feminine, timeless and chic pieces to reflect a woman’s inner beauty.
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So what are your favourite pieces from the winter wardrobe? Do you also have that one dress or coat or a scarf, you fall back to time and again? Be it the memories it brings or the way it makes us feel, each one of us has a special something we cannot imagine ever throwing out of our closet, season after season... after season. Tell us more, your thoughts, your style!xx


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