Monday, December 10, 2012

Gifts for Him

Shopping for some chic stocking fillers for him can at times be tricky, but if you stay focused on making him feel special and masculine at the same time, you can create your very own list of special finds and a personalized gift set that reflects his taste and yours!

Featured here are some gift ideas we put together for that special someone!

1. Armani Exchange A|X Candle, 38 CAD - a perfect gift to add a touch of softness to his rugged  style while staying away from feminine blues, pinks and yellows.

2. Hollister Co Classic So Cal Bracelet, 12 CAD - Genuine leather, Wrapped bracelet, Logo engraved button closure, Classic fit. A perfect accessory for all his casual attires.

3. Enchainment Candle holder, 7.94 CAD - He may tell you he hates all your candles floating around the house and needs some masculine style but gift him this soft candlelight for bikers and we promise he won't stop gushing over it! Biker or not, he’ll love the unusual use of recycled bike chain as decorative candle holder.

4. BLEU DE CHANEL Shower Gel, 41 CAD - A perfect match to the perfume and a great add-on to his toiletries. With its ultra-foaming formula, the BLEU DE CHANEL shower gel has been specially designed for men's skin.

5. Stainless Steel Railroad Link Bracelet, 19 CAD - This particular piece is currently on SALE! and has gone down from a whooping CAD 50 to only CAD 19 in price, a great piece of jewelry for the man who hates jewelry! He is sure to love it for the added masculine style quotient his outfits will get, with an understated charm.


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