Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Spotlight ON: Young Republic

I recently got the link for this site Young Republic and my first reaction was Yay!Another Etsy.
True to it's image, YR, as I have nicknamed it, is an online platform similar to Etsy, that promotes, encourages and brings to light new and upcoming designers from across the globe.

This Sydney based website, started by Australian duo Marianne Sea and Andrew Yang, is fast becoming the go to site for enthusiasts of independent and quirky fashion. Young Republic’s newly launched site already features over 750 designers from all over the world destined to be the next big names in fashion.

In true spirit for the love of art and fashion, says Young Republic co-founder Marianne Sea “People love going to the weekend markets because they can buy unique one-of-a-kind items you won’t find with the big brands, we wanted to bring that exciting experience online”.

It's a fresh and youthful site with attention focused to bringing amazing new products from the world over to meet the target market and is doing a fantastic job considering the international site was launched only this year in August.

As I explore more of the site in days to come and discover fantastic new artists and designers, I will keep posting updates on my blog, for now I leave you all with a few snapshots of some of the fun work featured on the website...

P.S. Other than the fact that all the stuff featured here is pretty cool, my personal favorite from the pics below, the 'Just done it' Tee by 'Doghouse' and the handmade rose necklace by 'Ena and Albert'


Keep your eyes and laptops open for more on 'YR' and go explore the website on your coffee break today! Much love and luck, xx

All images courtesy of Young Republic and Marianne Sea

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