Monday, November 5, 2012

The Best Things in Life are Not THIN

Ever heard of a thin paycheck? A tiny vacation? A small donation? A slim welcome? A small surprise? OR a thin smile? any of these sound good? NO? ....WHY? ...because DUDE!! The Best Things in Life are Not THIN. Healthy maybe! but thin?

It is not always that you can easily find your favorite pair of pants in a size 32-34 or your latest obsession that is the favorite skirt of the season in the same 32-34 or 10-12-14 size bracket.
Worst is that when you finally get frustrated enough to go to a plus size store to maybe get a little something that might fit your body frame...nothing! nothing at all! All those humongous sizes there make you teary eyed as you try to fit into their smallest available sizes and then, suddenly it hits you! You are stuck in the middle! You can't find your size in the regular stores always and you are too skinny (all the pun in the world intended here) to fit into anything from a plus size store.

Story of my life! Yes I am a size 10-12 depending on different brands and I do sometimes fit into a size 14, again, even same store might carry so much difference in their sizes that at times I end up buying a size 10 dress, a size 12 blouse and a size 14 shirt all from a single store, all fitting me perfectly.

So, why is it that, and I am going to take names here, FCUK does not carry sizes beyond 8-10 and when asked for a size 12 in a skirt the sales girl rudely tells me, all the while eying me from top to bottom as if judging my emotional instability because of the size of the tyre around my waist, "Sorry, we don't carry larger sizes" Seriously B!tch! when the majority of the population in this continent is suffering from obesity, and the rest (read teenagers) are starving themselves to death, my perfectly healthy and gym regular happy body with a 'mid section tyre' to flaunt of all the happy times, is not your regular size for clothing?

Another store, H&M, that is basically my go to for cheap all day clothes, does not carry a waist size above 31 for all its denims and trousers? I was so disappointed when yesterday after almost 3-4 months of letting myself go (read: going out with friends a lot and enjoying a slice of cake here and there) I realised that  I will not fit into my 31 waist denims anymore without being constantly reminded of the pains of the long gone old golden days of wooden corsets, I finally went to buy a size 32-33! Not a single pair in my size, except for one very tacky looking style, I can swear I might have seen on a homeless. Really!

Do you ever feel (if you are in your late twenties, like me, and a size 12 or 32/33 in pants/ skirts, that you want to feel young and pretty inside, you are young and pretty inside, but this world will not let you be that way for long! these anorexia endorsing brands (and I will name another one here) like Abercrombie and Fitch, will not carry your sizes!

And these brands like H&M, A&F, FCUK and many more are making clothes that seriously, if they did come in my size, would flatten any body form and look good on a twenty something girl... It's not like I am trying to fit into a kids' wardrobe here...

Why? Why do you think these brands are such size-ists? If that's even a word...
Are they doing this on purpose? Projecting a model image that shouts THIN is BEAUTIFUL? Even in today's times when so many companies, designers and media people have accepted and respected women of all shapes and sizes?

...this post is still in progress, my rantings with more self suffered experience and society implied shame will continue! I had to get this message out for so many more beautiful ladies like me, here it is!
Be Yourself! Be Awesome!
much luv n luck!xx

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