Thursday, October 18, 2012

Halloween Syndrome...

So, Halloween is round the corner but you aren't into costumes really and the whole world around you seems to be slowly converting into a giant Marvel Comics set with superheros, villains and what not? Well, fear not, have you ever thought of embracing the Halloween spirit in style and making a fabulous outfit for the day that won't turn unnecessary eyes towards you but will help you embrace the festivities your way?
Check out these color co-ordinated daily wear outfit I put together, all of them from the H&M website, they are theme based or you can say character based but don't really shout Halloween on the top of their voice...

Turn into a sea goddess by pairing blues with some shimmer to add glamour also check out the thin coral colored belt goes well to represent 'coral' also loving the printed leggings

become a Dark Angel or a fashionable Witch with these cool black pieces try some bright red shoes to add character (read blood) to the outfit

what about pairing Christmas with Halloween, turn yourself into a walking Christmas tree in style, with this hot green dress and red shoes
All of these pieces can easily fit into your wardrobe any day, for any occasion without being loud or unacceptable. Think you can try these ideas out this year?

All photos via the H&M website

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Haley said...

Love the green dress.


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