Monday, October 15, 2012

a little DIY...makes life sparkly!!!

Last weekend I was busy admiring my latest courier from MOO and while the paper products look fab...I am currently adding a little bit of sparkle glue (read pixie dust) to my handmade bookmarks, greetings and more.... a sneak peak of it at the end of the'll get a look at all of it soon on Etsy.

Another little project I did was make a new toothpaste and brush stand. I was using an old unused coffee mug for it so far. I had an empty salsa bottle that was initially going to be a spice jar, but for some reason the glue from it's original wrapper won't come off even after hours with warm water and dishwashing liquid, so did a little DIY and here's the new look.

All it took me was a dollar store jute twig, some ordinary glue and a ribbon from my craft supplies and voila!!


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