Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Spring 2013

My favorite picks from the Spring 2013 collection...

The inspiration came from the eighties and took me down the memory lane....of my childhood and all things retro. The bold striped pants, the high waisted swimsuit knickers, crew neck sweaters with a mock V-neck knitted in the front (reminisce of the old men's sweatshirts), also the scarfs around the waist and neck all a sweet blast from the past.
Pastels were seen in full glory, as was a very dominant color in almost all the collections: Gold. Peplums still run big along with matching coats and trousers/ skirts. Checks and stripes go bold and big and are constantly put in together, a fresh mix of floral/ paisley with checks or stripes adds fun to the outfits. Obi belts seem to be making a comeback in various prints and colors.

Big trend to be:
my guess is...be hands on and dig out all your old scarfs, stoles and headbands- the huge fabric tie one's! Also flaunt your wayfarers still and go crazy on colorful socks with flip flops and closed toe shoes (the one's like we had in school). Definitely take gold and silver and mix them with pastel hues, pastels in blue and light grey are going to be big, just as shades of the sun will be too. It's a comeback of the 80's so nice mix-n-match of prints, stripes and checks together with a giant tote and a cheerful attitude should do the trick.xx

All pics via style.com

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