Wednesday, August 22, 2012

love love love

    ...and more!

Last week was my birthday...and among other goodies, I got a few presents close to my always I am talking sweet scented, gentle on my skin and refreshing beauty and bath products.

Here are the pics, a quick note on how and why I love them...

The L'Oreal Paris ' Youth Code' BB creme with SPF15 is perfect for my skin, skillfully hides the tiny spots on my cheeks (even though S says they are only visible to me and no one else- sweet but..blahhh! :P). I have used it thrice so far, and it stays put even when I am out in the sun the whole day, I seriously did not think it will work against the sun rays, but I was untouched without any sun screen lotion on me. Just remember to apply it on your neck, shoulders, even ears, just to get the same smooth glow all-over- I have seen girls with a white chalk like face and make-up less neck countless times to avoid such a mishap!

The Love Love Love range from body and bath works is simply amazing. I love it's refreshing fragrance and I have so far tried the body mist (can't stop spraying it every other hour), the shimmer and body lotion in one- loved it! and the shower gel. I am yet to try the triple moisture body creme- just tried it on my hands- it is too hot here to be indulging in heavy cremes yet- I just stick to a light water based moisturiser for after my baths- but it smells good and is sure to please me soon- P.S. winter is coming-soon- and I am all set :D

Any of you tried it yet? (the love love love range)

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