Thursday, July 5, 2012

The french Manicure Renaissance

The french Manicure Renaissance

I am loving the new take on french manicure so much that I had to post about it on my blog. Firstly, this is the most fun trend to be this season, as per my thinking. Loved the whole neon and color block looks and now, it's all over nails! how cool is that, especially when you re-do the classic french manicure, your way!
Anyways, here's a few styles I spotted over the net, the classic french mani, with a twist to it {see image: left bottom} the add-on stickers and nail arts to the classic french give it a character of it's own, one that reflects your style.
Second favorite has to be the colored tips, that is something, I myself am going to try, maybe even today. Love the neon bright polka dots, or the colored tips, in particular the one with a different shade on each finger. {see image set: right bottom}
Also loving the black nails with glitter highlights, makes me think of a LBD on my nails. I am definitely doing this soon {see image set: right, middle} also check out the blue nails with sparkly/ shiny tips. I am so in love!
Next style doing the rounds is that of solid colors complimenting each other in the french mani. Check out the image set {top centre}. Love how I can mix and match and create a color block look for my nails (this is gonna be so much fun :P)
Lastly, my favorite (not really, since I am in as much love with all the other styles, this is tough choice ;)) no doubt though, this look will go with an evening out or a cocktail party, without making it look shabby. The transparent nails with shimmer tips, or shimmery nails with a solid color, love the silver and black combination too. {see image: top left}

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