Wednesday, July 4, 2012

canada day colors

Ok! so everywhere I look in the blog'world, people are doing posts on the US flag colors (being the 4th of July). I thought, since I am in Canada, and 1st was Canada day (for those who are not aware) why not do a look inspired by the maple leaf flag (I know I am like....4 days late on this post, but hey!! it's the thought that counts :P).

So here it is, two simple summer looks in red and white, all set to rock your wardrobe for the season. Try mixing these two colors (even if not to create a Canada Day look) I like the combo and the soothing/ calming feel of white in contrast to the bright red. I am sure to try this soon, will you?

canada day/ colors

Thakoon short shorts

Glitter flat

Tote handbag

Mango vintage shades
$31 -

Mango sunglasses
$19 -

Chanel nail polish

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