Friday, May 25, 2012

My love affair with the Body Shop

Last week I was just walking through the mall at the Eaton center when I saw the sale going on at the Body shop…and although I hadn’t panned it, ended up spending $50 on some goodies there. Totally worth it! There was this offer going on, where if you pick 3 items, you get 3 items of the same or lesser value for free. Imagine my excitement! And that of S too…cause he too bought some self indulgence love for himself. So here’s my pick… 
I am totally loving all that bought, the shower creams are my favorite, I picked the soap free (almost all their products are soap free) coconut cream shower bath. Its pure bliss to use it, especially with the summer on our toes, the fragrance of coconut takes me to a beach sipping pina coladas... Oh! The dreams of summer…such love.  Next I went straight for a cooling foot gel, since I am a runner and walk a lot too my feet crave that extra love and affection every now and then. The gel has peppermint in it, an extremely soothing feeling for my feet and legs (only I wish it was a little less sticky, maybe I am applying a bit too much, but I can feel slight stickiness afterwards, hence the application has only been limited to before bedtime) . But not much to complaint, as the soft touch it leaves my feet with is divine!

Next on my list was a good face wash, has stuck with Garnier 3-in-1 for a long time and love it! But I wanted something different to try, especially with summer heat, needed a gel or foam wash to avoid acne. I picked up the one with aloe; both me and S have been loving it so far! Another thing I love to invest in from time to time is a nice scented home spray, we love the green tea and lemon body, room and linen mist we got, it has a refreshing fragrance that just instantly energizes us!

Okay, so now given we could pick so much, I decided to give S a chance to pick something exclusively for himself (you know men love pampering themselves as much as we do, just don’t admit it often ;)). So S got himself an ARBER aftershave balm and MACA root face wash, so far he says they are both to die for!!
What do you all love to invest in, when it comes to your skin and hair? Do you like the Body Shop as much as we do? We love it so, because the products are never harsh on our skin or hair and leave us with such sweet fragrant lingering smell for the rest of the day. Let us know your favorite picks for the vanity this summer. Much love to all and a toast to a blissful sunny weekend ahead. xx

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