Sunday, April 15, 2012

My first week in Toronto

The Initial touchdown

So we had a flight from Johannesburg to Dubai (8hr long emirates economy) not a bad way to travel but more leg space is always welcomeJ. After a 5 hour layover at Dubai, we headed towards the check-in counter for our very long and hopefully very sleepy 14hr long flight for Toronto. Just trying our luck, we asked the man behind the desk, if it was a possibility for us to get the emergency exit seats, a little more leg room, if you know what I mean and as if good karma had been waiting to shower us with gifts, we got upgraded to the business class of the A380, that we were in, just like that. Yup! It was a blissfully pleasant and the most comfortable flight I ever had, never wanted it to end, felt even like in a bond movie at one point, but yeah, all good things and especially the free ones end soonJ.
P.S. I and S both got these lovely little welcome kits with Bvlgari goodies inside, will post pics of them soon! How happy we were with all the bubbly flowing and the muffins circulating and the massages and all…

Oh and special mention, and pics coming soon of how we traveled and touched equator and North Pole at the same day!

So the landing was perfect, the luggage collected and we got to our hotel by evening. As much as we wanted to explore the city, the jet lag set in and within seconds of lying down on the bed I was fast asleep. Don’t know when exactly S fell asleep too but the next thing I know, I woke up at 2 in the middle of the night feeling fresh as a daisy, again the time difference meant it was actually 8 am in South Africa, so I actually brushed my teeth, had breakfast and slept again…hehehee!

The New*BEE* in the beehive

It has been just about 4 days for us here in Toronto, and our baby bums *puppies* have also arrived safely. A special mention for Global Paws, South Africa for the pleasant flight and all the arrangements they made to make sure my little hearts don’t panic much and get a safe transit. We are all adjusting, mah-jor-ly to the cold weather.
P.S. All your fashion sense runs out of the freaking chimney when it’s as cold as it is here, for spring! All I have been wearing is a black woolen pair of tights/ skinny trousers, random racer back and halter neck tees layered inside and an Abercrombie and Fitch navy hoodie, that was my first purchase here, along with it extremely thick socks and flat soled iron fist shoes that are my favorite to run around in, as people in Toronto, unlike South Africa WALK! Yup guys, we *yes, it’s WE now*winks* walk to places, there’s a crowd on the streets, it’s lovely; it’s lively and so very friendly. We totally love it here, even though sometimes my legs hurt ;-).
We are house hunting these days and as it progresses there will be lots of pics of the new place, in the meantime I do apologize for back benching my blog, it’s not every day we move a continent now, is it?

Oh and I haven’t been gyming or exercising of any sort, just a hell of a lot of walking, hopefully the calories I gulp down in excitement will not be that mean to me :). Have a lovely weekend everyone and please spare my lack of presence as an exciting adventure is ahead. Will totally keep you all posted on how the changes feel after moving three continents in three years *some stats* love and luck to all. xx
NOTE: Yesterday, after about 2 hours of writing this post, we found the perfect apartment on the 14th floor with huge rooms and a walk in closet ~this girl is set!!! pics coming soon :)

So, here are a few pics, as I promised...

yup tht's it! got an upgrade to business class, just lyk tht,...see we are such people, everyone whats to please.. LOL 

that was my nirvana for the next 14 hours

tht's S enjoying a movie while relaxing in his massage bed, sipping some bubbly ;)

Olive after arriving to Toronto, slept lyk a baby as soon as he sat down besides me on the hotel bed

Phoebe wasn't that far behind, slept like a log for hours and was probably the most jet lagged out of us 4

the view of lake Ontario from our new home (balcony)

Another one from the balcony

the day we moved in...

view of downtown from the guest bedroom in the night (could not get a better picture, it was so mighty cold that I refused to open the window to take a snap. period! ;)

another one from the study/guest bedroom..

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Aishwarya Khanna said...

You'l get used to it. I hope you and your dogs are fine! :)


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