Thursday, April 26, 2012

How I soiled a $100 bill…

The New*BEE* in the beehive
So, yeah, my Internet has been playing tricks on me all this while and although S enjoys a super fast Internet speed, I am stuck at home for the time being with Fido. It gets irritable slow while connected to the laptop via wifi and uploading pics gets next to impossible. I am saying all this to justify my absence from the blog, well to a point my laziness also is to be blamed, more so my impatience I guess!
Well, for the new readers, let me tell you, I just moved from South Africa to Canada, feels like the Sun was my best friend as I miss it the most ;), so do my dogs who came with us. You’ll see a few pictures of Olive (my MALE Jack Russell! Yeah! About that some other time) looking like Snoop Dogg in his track suit inspired black velvet hoodie. He has totally fallen in love with sweaters and I am scared, if I stay here for the rest of my life, he might just take over my ‘fashion designing’ career and start one of his own with just the winter range for him and his four legged friends.
Oh and please keep in mind, pictures will keep uploading at their own pace, hate slow Internet but stuck with it for a while. I also have to start job hunting soon or maybe look at colleges, still trying to decide. Also took a gym membership last week, have to at least start going there, or start with road running. The list of things to be done and to start with is pretty long, so let’s get to the fun part right away… shall we…
My shopping has not been much so far, to be blamed are the biting cold weather and my to-do list that keeps me on the go 24X7. One thing I did buy was the Abercrombie hoodie, as I mentioned in my previous post and later spent $100 on Aldo shoes, which ended up being a big mistake!
How I soiled a $100 bill…
I have lately been walking a lot, like ‘A-LOT’ lot! Been walking to places, to house viewings, just to grab a bite to eat or to go to the mall, it’s my life now! So! I needed the perfect shoes that were sans heels, easy to slide into, covered just enough to protect me from the cold and pretty and well! Different *read- Not Boring*. So last I walked into Aldo and got me the prettiest pair of lemon yellow brightness you could ever find. One problem- they were suede!! So this guy at the counter talked me into buying a spray *pics at the end* and a brush by Aldo of course claiming that they will help protect and clean my suede shoes. I wasn’t so sure so I told him, I will be walking a lot in these, taking my dogs for a walk, walking on wet grass and all, I didn’t think those were right for me. But it was my day for a mistake, he claimed and promised that after I spray them with that protecting ‘spray’ soil, mud, water, etc will glide through them as if oil on a balloon or whatever and the brush is an easy clean to be used whenever necessary.
So, I bought it all, $10 each for the spray and the brush and $80 for the shoes. I bought them, wore them and walked in them L after a daylong flaunting my latest favorites, I noticed visible spots (even after the spray) and tried to clean them, which the brush did initially. But whenever I go out they get dirty, which that salesman promised won’t happen, and every time I clean them with a brush, I notice it feels like it’s brushing the suede, like sandpaper, I am scared if I continue that, it’ll make holes in them and the wear and tear with be beyond repair. So for now, I am walking around town in spotted yellow wonders, who cares (maybe I do, but I should have known better). Always remember, suede shoes are not for walking! NO. Period!
Check out the pics, that I’ll post soon when my Internet wishes, they don’t look so bad, but do not trust Aldo when they claim to make your suede spotless regardless of where you wear them to. NA-aah!

OK :( sadly my internet connection is beyond slow! no pictures anytime soon I guess... so much to share, so many posts in draft..there's a backlog I never imagined possible..SADLY :(
much luv n luck to all..xx

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