Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Style Closet...

More dirt and dust and memories from the back of my closet, this could well possibly be the theme I work on the whole month of march, considering, I am somewhat spring cleaning, as I prepare for my big move to Toronto. So yeah, as the packing progresses, I keep coming across stuff that laid hidden at the back of my closet, or the bottom of my dresser. Some of that is stuff I thought I had lost, some things I should have thrown away or lost interest in years ago, many are out of fashion clothes that just never got worn enough, but between all that is stuff very close to my heart, stuff that has a great deal of sentimental value, that was/ is from my childhood and every time I look at it, it takes me back to those times.
Similar to the post I did yesterday, here are a few more pieces from the 80's and early 90's. Now, you might not call it vintage yet, but these are from seasons past, and well....let's see if we can work them around, 'cause I sure as hell am not throwing them away anytime soon. It's like having a brick of the wall of my childhood bedroom with me, anywhere in the world that I be!! Sweet reminisces...
Now, this ain't vintage in any way, just a sweet reminder of a dear friend and my
childhood, that I have clung on to. We got these made for each other at a Craft's
bazaar and flaunted these named bracelets for years, just like besties do! And even
though it has been anywhere between 15-20 years, since we lost touch, I would like
 to believe that at some part of this world, she has her bracelet saved in a little
 time capsule and remembers my name... probably not! but hey! look how cute
it looks, and amazingly, still goes around my wrist ;)
Okay! these colorful wooden beads in a necklace, this was such a big trend growing up!
Again not sure how vintage this is or if at all, but definitely a memory from my fun days.
 A time when I was still living with my parents. And look how cute it looks as an anklet.

The above three are photos of two crafty key chains from a long time back, and the last pic being that of a faux fur brooch. I used to have a couple of these and would pin them up on my boots, don't really remember what sort of boots they were, but now having lost one of the two brooches, I am saving it as a sweet memory of my college days :). much love to all. Enjoy every passing day, 'cause soon it will only be a memory, happy or sad? is all up to you!! xo

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