Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Spotlight on...Rihanna

With all the talk about celeb styles and how the fabulous and the famous have always inspired fashion, I decided to do my own version of a celebrity inspired post. As I was browsing through the Internet, I came across this amazing collection of some great polyvore sets, inspired by Rihanna ( check these out here ). This made me realise that actually Rihanna and Katy Perry play around with colors and have fun with fashion in a very similar yet unique way. Now, all those of you who have been coming back to my blog for a while now, would know my ultimate passion for all thongs, Katy Perry, bright bright hair and bold eyes. So here I am, doing my own little montage on Rihanna's closet and some looks inspired by her.
P.S. thanks Polyvore, for today's post, the idea came from your original Rihanna post.xx

rihanna montage 01
Notice how bright candy colored hair give her the funk that only a few celebrities can pull off (read: Pink and Katy Perry) Also, the focus seems to be on having fun with fashion rather than following trends. Love her style...

rihanna montage 01 by stylescribbles featuring a pencil dress

Below, is one of her looks with Opening Ceremony x Pendleton sleeveless knit maxi dress. I love the print and mix of black and brown (two classic neutral colors that not everybody seems to be able to do together) in her outfit. Note the second set below, where I have taken a few elements from her look and twisted them to create my own version. Which one of the two dresses is more you? The rust strapless drop back maxi or the crewneck maxi crinkle dress?
rihanna look 01

rihanna inspired gypsy/ hobo look

Acne maxi dress
$390 -

Maxi wedding dress
£28 -

Jeffrey Campbell white heels
£120 -

KORS Michael Kors flat heels
$350 -

HOBO slouchy handbag
$2,995 -

LK Designs chain jewelry
€89 -

Opening Ceremony vintage black dress
$188 -

Dolce vita sandals
$132 -

Balmain fringe bag
€737 -

Below is another of her looks, where she flaunts Stella McCartney in bright candy stripes, on the right side of the set notice how, we have altered a few things, kept the look same, even used another of Stella McCartney's t-shirts, but given a fresh feel to the Rihanna inspired style without looking like a total copycat.
Note, the sneakers with heels: a twist to the classic pair of shoes we all love. Also notice the bold statement pieces in jewelry, candy colors and comfort, all very much in tune with the original Rihanna look with the Orange striped top.

Rihanna inspired style notes

Stella McCartney striped t shirt
£265 -

Stella McCartney wool sweater
$755 -

H&M short jean shorts
£15 -

Topshop hot short shorts
$45 -

Ash black wedge
$110 -

Sigerson Morrison thigh high boots
$498 -

Goth jewelry
£4.95 -

Betsey Johnson flower earrings
$50 -

Tom Ford black shades
$304 -

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