Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Awkward Much?

Awkward Much?

Awkward Much? by stylescribbles featuring costume necklaces
Well, I can only write about what I go through on a day to day basis, so here's a little weird post on PMS. Yup! so suffering from it right now, I decided, why not do a little montage on the things that help me get through it every month, might help someone, or give you a good laugh!
So my list begins with a hot cuppa cappuccino with some of my favourite chocolates. (Oh! these days I am in absolute heaven with Lindt dark chocolate with chili, totally!) Some days, I do get mah-j-orr relief just through a tall glass of iced cola or iced tea! (weird, so am I). Love me some great smells, some bling and make up to cheer me up. And yes, headaches do go away with the right bling and sparkles ;). Of course, never are my periods without some yummy cakes and cookies and well I am a fan of berries (or berries in cookies, muffins, cakes and ice cream! shhhh!) So, Awkward Much? love to all my lovelies.xo

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