Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Autumn Winter 2012-2013 (Trend Alert)

What to expect this fall:
The number one big thing for the season is going to be ruffles, on the jacket pockets, the front of trenches and shirts, sleeves, side seams and every other possible place that a ruffle can be placed. It can be light, flowing chiffon or tough twill ruffles, it can also be on accessories, like collars, cuffs and even shoes. Go big! Go Ruffled!!

Secondly, a lot of mix and match of fabrics, a lot of leather used on sleeves, collars or panels, a lot of lightweight fabrics mixed with heavy twills and jacquards.

The garments are structured as well as flowing but drapes are seen mostly on the red carpet look, whereas the ready to wear genre is structured pieces with different techniques involved to give it a twist.

The colors are rich and bright to delight you on a gloomy winter morning, but if you look at for example, Burberry- The designer says, winter wardrobe should look like winter clothes, and so a lot of dark browns, blacks and greys with heavy wool and fur, but it does carry it's own appeal and fan following, as do the bright twisted modern pieces from designers like Gurung and Thakoon.

A lot will be seen of Black, purple, neon red, shocking blues and a lot of rich pinks and navy. Also a lot of camel and grey tones in jackets, trenches and knits but most times combined with a bright shade. Another thing that will probably be seen a lot this fall is a sort of Goth look inspired by pieces from designers such as Gurung and Kane, in exploring the dark side.

A lot of different elements like the basket weave of the Gurung collection, that seemed inspired by the confession box, could find their way onto the streets, as is or in forms such as fishnet stockings and crochet lace pieces. A lot to look out for and a lot of fun elements to adorn this coming fall. much love.xx

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