Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Autumn Winter 2012-2013 (My favorite designers)

Here's a load down on what went across the runways from two of my all time favorite designers: Prabal Gurung and Thakoon.


Prabal Gurung’s fall collection explored the duel forces we all struggle with, in our life. He did express his own spiritual quest in life between the dark and the light and the universal journey we all take between dark to light was the thought behind this fall wardrobe. The collection started all black; with a very gothic, very dark angelic feel to it, for me the main attraction were the accessories, as much as his classic cut silhouettes. From black, the dresses took a journey to blue, gold and finally whites and ivory pieces depicting the light or the good side.

I loved the Felton double steer cuffs, brooches and belts in brass, the paneled leather gloves and the pointed-toe pumps throughout the collection. Most pieces were with the eye catching Gurung trademark, like the leather choker collar or the belts in dresses with geometric cut panels and contrast fabrics.

The highlight were also the prints done last season, as Gurung explored the concept and came up with exquisite designs featuring blue roses and cow skulls in the very Gurung fashion. On one side, the collection is very wearable, with separate pieces like the trousers, jackets, skirts. On the other hand, Gurung satisfied his red carpet clientele with beautiful flowing dresses and intricate embellishments and embroidery. My personal favorites were the tulle evening gown and the tuxedo jacket with the blue rose print.

If, I look at the whole collection, there are pieces that felt a bit overdone, or too much maybe with accessories, ruffles or fabric choices, but when you take seperates and mix-n-match them in your wardrobe, you can create some fabulous ever so lovely pieces for fall. All in all, a very satisfying Gurung experience for me. Much luv.

The accessories that made the day-



THAKOON F/W 2012/13

Thakoon got the inspiration for his fall collection from Ed and Nancy Kienholz's installation re-creating Amsterdam's red-light district, the neon light beam featuring in most of his pieces and the color palette were both inspired by it. I loved the way he tweaked his garments, the ruffles and basket weave on the jackets, the trenches worn as dresses, the colors, the kinky factor to his garments, all speak of his style statement. The Audrey Hepburn factor was so visible in many pieces, yet he took them all and created his personal signature, loved the paper bag waist skirt oh and the mix of leather and faux leather in his garments.

Look out for the extreme color palette, the shocking bright raspberry reds, the pinks, greys and blacks with a hint of electric blue. Loved the neon beam print here and there, specially on the dress with the basket weave in front. Also note the crisscross strap pumps with crocodile stamped leather, loved them in all the shades, specially red. The ruffles again stand tall this fall with Thakoon doing some fabulous work on his jackets, loved the detailing on all the jackets and trenches. Also note the V-day influence with the silk dress with hearts all over. Oh! and I desperately want the pullover with leather sleeves, seen on runway with the paperbag skirt. love it!

The pumps that took my heart away-

photos via: style.com and ModaOperandi
text: self composed

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I love the white gown in Prabal Gurung :)


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