Sunday, February 26, 2012

Autumn Winter 2012-2013 (Christopher Kane)


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My 'love affair with Christopher Kane' is old enough but when he does these beautiful pin-striped pieces in black/ grey, my 'love affair with black' and Kane finds it absolutely hard to resist myself from drooling over them. Coming winter, I know I am going to spend hours, days and maybe even weeks, trying to find the perfect way, the perfect thrifted garment to match and re-create these looks within my budget!
Also, I particularly love the purple/ black rose print dress with the leopard print trench, might get a little over the top for me on a day to day basis, but it sure does speak and relate to some part of my personality. I guess, I have an identity within me that is a hardcore Kane fan and devotee. Loving the red print on dresses as well as the pants, also the footwear.
All this collection, coming from Kane's mind where he got inspired by Al-Pacino's movie Cruising, where he played the part of a gay-serial killer to perfection. The Kane woman for fall, is a scandalous, bold and mysterious girl who goes from nightclubs to bars to places, all the while being a hardcore tough nut to crack, an odd bird. The 80's are blooming in full flair with Kane's imagination, from menswear inspired pin striped pieces to the bold floral prints, the cashmere knits and the leopard prints.
P.S. Note the color scheme, purple, deep-blood red, black, grey, rich blue- a very similar color palette has been seen across the runways. This fall is going to be very Goth, very dark, to carry it off, you need your imagination to be with an inclination towards the dark side/ or an evil mindset. I can't wait for these winters to come, to show off my Goth and Vampirish side. much love. xx

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