Tuesday, January 3, 2012

welcome 2012

A new beginning for all of us. As every year comes by, it gives us a chance to re-start our lives and live the way we want to. We can make whatever we dream of this year! So, my friend, Dream Big, Aim High, Its your turn to Fly!! Here's a little self composed poem, I thought I should share. Its a melody about positive thinking, a dream of a perfect world, where there's happiness and frolic everywhere. Ofcourse, its filled with my imagination of a beautiful moonlit night. Hope you enjoy it, have a great day and an even better year ahead. much luv.xx

The Crescent Shaped Moon

I saw a smile that lit my core
beneath the glare and bling I store
beneath the heavy grim and slime,
I caught the perfect nursery rhyme...

The skies are filled with purple shine
the trees turn into lemony lime
the earth gets richer by the core,
I hear a song I hear a snore...

I hear a heart sing lullaby
I feel my fingers touch the sky
I jump and hop and smile and cry
I got myself a blast tonight.

A little pixie dust so bright
a puppy jumping out of sight.
A handful ice cream cones and spoon,
I saw the perfect crescent moon!

A canopy of stars divine
fills out the night sky with a rhyme.
The moon looks pretty fit and fine
with all its glory, gloss and shine.

Tiara on his head a little tilted to the left
the magic wand is bright; it lit the sky with fairy light.
The crescent shaped moon stands alone the test of time,
I prayed tonight for little magic and found the perfect nursery rhyme!


nightsky by stylescribbles

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