Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Spotlight on...Moisés Nieto

A few days back I was sitting at home enjoying a foot spa, sipping some ice tea and wandering through Ftv. It was then. that I came across the Madrid Fashion week for SS2012 and Moisés Nieto caught my eye. His designs were fresh and wearable along with being super pretty. Yeah! I have fallen in love with his SS2012 collection. Here are a few pictures from the show that I could find on google images. Also check out this link HERE its an interview of the designer (for those like me who weren't familiar with the name) I found on the net. I have to admit, the fan-like ruffles on the shorts and the white top in particular interest me. Also the pink (peplum/skirt look) pants, although, might not look good on me, but sure are something I would wanna try. Amazing to see in this collection is the fact that his inspiration came from work uniforms and although you might say, its a little too simple for your oomph factor (looking from the front) wait till you see the back (or the missing back, if I may say so :) ) imagine, closed shirt collars in the front and open backs in the back!


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