Wednesday, January 18, 2012


How will you google about the kind of lace best suited for your latest design? Or how will you have the info on the next big fashion designer at your fingertips?
Have you ever wondered how easy your life is and why?
We know about what the world is doing in fashion, design, art or who is wearing what to which party, how is it that we know so much about so many different things? It isn't just our brains or our travels that teach us, in today's world the free and open INTERNET holds the key to the mecca of knowledge.
The benefits are endless. We blog about things and many a times, if nothing else, at least you have to go to google/wiki for reference on a word, or a phrase or just to check if you can find any more photos/ data to support your cause or your thought. Do you think your blog will not be targeted or your ways not questioned?
Ever wondered how life would be if SOPA and PIPA get passed? If it is about ending piracy, then target the required web pages/ search engines. When you target the whole platform, it's like sending a nuclear bomb to kill a cockroach!
Think about it. If you still feel your lives will remain unaltered, unaffected, THINK AGAIN!

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