Thursday, January 26, 2012

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Blogs that have got me gripped to my laptop screen, some have been my favorite for over 5 yrs, others I have discovered along my journey through the fashion world. But all have one thing in common, the passion to write their heart out and the love for fashion. There are great outfit posts, awesome insights to the fashion world, personal journeys through fashion and fitness hell and some of the most innovative ideas.
Here is the list of top 5 bloggers (numbered not according to any ranks in my head but just for an easy read for my readers, each one of them is as favored by me as the other), from my daily read, for the week:

1. Kellie Hill from also find her on twitter
She has got me laughing and thinking at the same time with some of her awesome posts about fashion, blogging and life in general. Most importantly, her being in a D!ET HELL at the same time as me, gives me a virtual companion I have with me to monitor my food (trust me, all I think of when I see a cake is that she is still doing it, so can I!)

2. Michelle Haswell from also find her on twitter @KingdomOfStyle  
She is one half of the KingdomofStyle and had been inspiring me with her outfit posts since way back when they just started blogging. You should all know, KingdomofStyle was one of the first blogs, which I got hooked on to, I would wait all week for their outfit posts, tips on fashion and new brands and designers that they would talk about. Also recently Michelle's ballet dancing posts are something I look forward to reading all the time. (I have been in love with this blog and blogger since 2007)

3. Anje Haupt from find her on twitter  @miss_annabanana
This one's from the city I live in, just discovered her blog last week and I have to admit, I ended up spending over an hour, just going through all her posts. She is the Mecca for creative people and is a DIY princess. I especially loved her posting on tribal print shorts and cookie mix jar. Cute and creative, two words to describe her blog. (I still have to try making the tribal print shorts myself, if only my laziness gives way)

4. Aishwarya Khanna from BlingStruck at on twitter @AishwaryaKhanna
She is a teenage kid from the city I was brought up in, in India, and I see so much of my teenage years in her. (not that I am an old nanny, alright!!) Her blog is fresh and young with an interesting insight to the current average Indian teenager's wardrobe/ lifestyle, something I thoroughly enjoy. Love to read through her posts as well, very well written and very candid. (Also I guess the love for shoes and jewelry binds us in some weird cosmic way)

5. Savannah Marie from also on twitter  @ShopEBV
What can I say, I LOVE vintage and so does she. I totally love her blog, there are so many pretty little vintage things that I find in there, that it's like a treat for my eyes. Her photo posts are also my favorite as are the little DIY tricks she shares from time to time. Some lovely things from her blog on my mind currently are the beautiful stained glass feathers and her post with the lovely old photos of her grandmother. (Ladies, you got to read the story of a jerk on her blog, seriously)

So, everyone, here's wishing you a wonderful weekend, a little in advance, and I hope you go through these lovely blogs and discover something new to read through on a lazy Sunday. much love. xx


Big Fashionista said...

Oh I love to find new blogs to read so will definitely be checking these ones out.

True, diet hell is...... Um....... Hell, but we can do it.

Goddamit we WILL do it,

And remember, no matter how loud those biscuits scream, our skinny jeans scream louder x x

Hugs and thanks


Aishwarya Khanna said...

Thanks for the feature Tina. :DDDD


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