Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I am what I am...

I am what I am...

I am what I am... by stylescribbles featuring diamond jewelry

Here's a little Monday morning pep talk from my side to all the readers and also the last post of this month. For all the new people who have joined my site this year, following the series, 'I am what I am' I post an article on my self, my likes/ dislikes and my life. A little bundle of joy to brighten your day and to inspire you to be you.
This week I share a few things I love in life and some habits that have become me along with a few dreams I cherish :-). Smile a lot, it's free, addictive and contagious. Plus when you smile, you work out your face muscles- for those who find it hard to do- it will keep your face glowing- not just a saying but kinda scientific fact there! So let's get back to me here, I love collages, specially picture collages with photos of my family, friends, loved ones. I think if there was a job making collages and earning big bucks- like really just sitting the whole day ans making collages, I would be there. This love of crafty, getting my hands in glue and marker is probably the one that inclines me towards scrap booking too. Now, I haven't ever made a scrap book for real, just on my laptop, the reason being, scrapbooks tend to be heavy and bulky, I move countries more than a normal person shifts houses- who's got the extra bucks to pay for all the excessive luggage. Which gets me to my second point, I am a born traveller, any trip, any size, any number of people ( or dogs, as in my case) I can pack you ass off in no time, if that's what gets you going. I have literally packed and unpacked so many times that maybe I could win the fastest, most efficient and organised packer award. lol! Also, my laptop is my scrapbook, now that I think of it. Many precious memories inside.

I love Halloween and masquerades only for the reason, I love masks, wearing them along with the costumes, all that makeup and the character you become, it's an oldie but goldie- I was in theatre in school, from which I transitioned into costume designing, which lead to a degree in fashion design, that is slowly but surely blossoming into styling and journalism, I am sure! blah blah! YOU get IT!!
Oh, and I love good vintage furniture, and don't even get me started on an armoire, a good old wooden, vintage armoire is all I need to fall in love with you. They remind me of my childhood, and although I currently am squeezing my stuff into a pre fitted plywood cupboard (on a sharing basis with my husband! yup) one day when I do settle down at a place, my armoire will be a sight of it's own. *daydreaming now!! This memory of my childhood, I cling to so bad, is probably the reason for my love of telephone booths and buses. Remember the time we didn't have cellphones? Anyone? Well, that was when I would go to my nearest phone booth, to call my parents, whenever I went on a school/ college trip. And buses are a thing of the past, a memory from the years gone by, travelled so much is buses, that sometimes (trust me) having a car of my own feels like a luxury! Good times!!
I love butterflies, have always loved them, the shapes, colors and the symmetry never fails to surprise me. Oh and I love lipsticks/ lip color, if I could I will wear it all the time, but two reasons for not doing that! Firstly, I cannot stop licking my lips, secondly, my love birds, my biggest fans/ best friends- MY DOGS (what were you thinking) can't stop licking my lips. yeah!!!
One more secret, I have wanted to get a goldfish, in a glass bowl and name her 'PENNY' (my love for 'Big Bang Theory' runs deep) for a long time now, the only thing stopping me from doing so is the amount I travel, can't leave a fish in a kennel, wish I could, and you can't always trust friends/ neighbours to remember to feed on time. Sad, someday though! Well, that's about it for me, considering, I have been typing non-stop from last 40 minutes.

Always remember, you are the lead role of the story of your life, you also direct it and make it your best work possible. So always be true and genuine in your life, your actions and your love. Be Yourself! Be Awesome!!!

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