Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Getting Beach Ready...

Part 2: Shopping Haul

Hello everyone, here are the pics from my weekend shopping. The day was spent walking around (literally crawling in the end) for hours just to spot the perfect sandals or the exact color for bikini, even the exact shape of the sunglasses, phew!! The result? a perfect most satisfying trip to the mall for me and my husband.  Check out the pics, like I told you guys on my facebook page the other day, I am in love with this label 'Country Road' and most of our shopping is from there (except the hat, sandals for S and the sunglasses). Now, I will have to work my butt off for this bikini (actually the said butt is perfect! just my muffin top needs to be shaved) so I am currently in D!ET HELL. Yeah, its been a month of crazy workouts and sensible (almost) food, now with just 10 days left, its getting even crazier around the house, with both of us competing to push ourselves harder. Me and S have had a pretty healthy start to the new year, thanks to this trip we planned! Ah! All I pray for now, is for the weather in Seychelles to clear up in Feb, because till now its been full of rain showers spread throughout. I need a clear blue sky and lots of sun to enjoy my island getaway (pray for me). xx
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mens swimming shorts

mens sandals

These are not shoes! They're sandals :)

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