Friday, January 20, 2012

from the style closet...

Latest shopping preparation for the island getaway!! Many more to come, this is just 3 dresses that were an impulse buy, well actually I did go to shop, but just for 1, ended up with 3 (nothing new). first one is more of a beach cover up- its a kaftan style white slub yarn jersey dress, perfect for the day with swimwear underneath (it somehow reminds me of the halston heritage dress that SJP wore, of course in 1/10th of the price, talking about the look here people! that's all!!). The second dress was an instant surprise, because it looked so freaking good on me, I had no idea (will upload pics of me wearing these fab looks soon. promise- OK wait for the pics from Seychelles ;)).
The second dress is also jersey with stretch lace on top, looks fab, feels so comfortable, unbelievable. It makes my boobs look fab and my waist look teenie tiny! Just the thing I love!!
The last dress is kind of an african tribal theme based dress, since tribal is in, I sort of wanted to give it a try. The bright mustard with chocolate brown looks nice and will be a pleasant color for the beach (you get it, these days all I can think of is the beach- correction: the island :-*).
So yeah, all these are by local South African designers, the price is dirt cheap and I love how each one fits differently, has a totally different silhouette but looks great on me (how often does that happen? really!!!)
Forgive the picture quality, I was experimenting with different light settings in my age old Sony digital. P.S. the new canon power shot I was desperately waiting for disappointed me badly with its picture quality. Yeah!
Anyways, have a fabulous weekend and go shopping, I know I will. ;)xo

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Samantha Jangira said...

I love love the detailing on the second dress. It's gorgeous.

Sam x


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