Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I am what I am...

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I am what I am...

I am what I am... by stylescribbles featuring diamond jewelry

Here's a little Monday morning pep talk from my side to all the readers and also the last post of this month. For all the new people who have joined my site this year, following the series, 'I am what I am' I post an article on my self, my likes/ dislikes and my life. A little bundle of joy to brighten your day and to inspire you to be you.
This week I share a few things I love in life and some habits that have become me along with a few dreams I cherish :-). Smile a lot, it's free, addictive and contagious. Plus when you smile, you work out your face muscles- for those who find it hard to do- it will keep your face glowing- not just a saying but kinda scientific fact there! So let's get back to me here, I love collages, specially picture collages with photos of my family, friends, loved ones. I think if there was a job making collages and earning big bucks- like really just sitting the whole day ans making collages, I would be there. This love of crafty, getting my hands in glue and marker is probably the one that inclines me towards scrap booking too. Now, I haven't ever made a scrap book for real, just on my laptop, the reason being, scrapbooks tend to be heavy and bulky, I move countries more than a normal person shifts houses- who's got the extra bucks to pay for all the excessive luggage. Which gets me to my second point, I am a born traveller, any trip, any size, any number of people ( or dogs, as in my case) I can pack you ass off in no time, if that's what gets you going. I have literally packed and unpacked so many times that maybe I could win the fastest, most efficient and organised packer award. lol! Also, my laptop is my scrapbook, now that I think of it. Many precious memories inside.

I love Halloween and masquerades only for the reason, I love masks, wearing them along with the costumes, all that makeup and the character you become, it's an oldie but goldie- I was in theatre in school, from which I transitioned into costume designing, which lead to a degree in fashion design, that is slowly but surely blossoming into styling and journalism, I am sure! blah blah! YOU get IT!!
Oh, and I love good vintage furniture, and don't even get me started on an armoire, a good old wooden, vintage armoire is all I need to fall in love with you. They remind me of my childhood, and although I currently am squeezing my stuff into a pre fitted plywood cupboard (on a sharing basis with my husband! yup) one day when I do settle down at a place, my armoire will be a sight of it's own. *daydreaming now!! This memory of my childhood, I cling to so bad, is probably the reason for my love of telephone booths and buses. Remember the time we didn't have cellphones? Anyone? Well, that was when I would go to my nearest phone booth, to call my parents, whenever I went on a school/ college trip. And buses are a thing of the past, a memory from the years gone by, travelled so much is buses, that sometimes (trust me) having a car of my own feels like a luxury! Good times!!
I love butterflies, have always loved them, the shapes, colors and the symmetry never fails to surprise me. Oh and I love lipsticks/ lip color, if I could I will wear it all the time, but two reasons for not doing that! Firstly, I cannot stop licking my lips, secondly, my love birds, my biggest fans/ best friends- MY DOGS (what were you thinking) can't stop licking my lips. yeah!!!
One more secret, I have wanted to get a goldfish, in a glass bowl and name her 'PENNY' (my love for 'Big Bang Theory' runs deep) for a long time now, the only thing stopping me from doing so is the amount I travel, can't leave a fish in a kennel, wish I could, and you can't always trust friends/ neighbours to remember to feed on time. Sad, someday though! Well, that's about it for me, considering, I have been typing non-stop from last 40 minutes.

Always remember, you are the lead role of the story of your life, you also direct it and make it your best work possible. So always be true and genuine in your life, your actions and your love. Be Yourself! Be Awesome!!!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

how to work a bright striped sweater

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A little something for a friend who needed help with styling a similar sweater.

A hint though, don't try to bulk up a lot, with a loose fitting top/ sweater like this, if you end up with a loose/ super voluminous skirt or think muffler, you'll only look shabby or someone in need of some chicken soup and blanket. Try to incorporate different ideas, like layering: ref- denim/ twill shorts with solid or printed leggings. Also go for fitted cigarette pants or denims since that will help shape your frame. P.S. you can also add a belt to it: ref- a broad belt at the underbust/ high waist, in case you are really skinny and/ or petite.

With this note, I sign off. Going to the dog park with my little baby bums, then off for some shopping. Will upload pics soon. Happy weekend everyone.xx

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Share the love..

Blogs that have got me gripped to my laptop screen, some have been my favorite for over 5 yrs, others I have discovered along my journey through the fashion world. But all have one thing in common, the passion to write their heart out and the love for fashion. There are great outfit posts, awesome insights to the fashion world, personal journeys through fashion and fitness hell and some of the most innovative ideas.
Here is the list of top 5 bloggers (numbered not according to any ranks in my head but just for an easy read for my readers, each one of them is as favored by me as the other), from my daily read, for the week:

1. Kellie Hill from http://big-fashionista.blogspot.com/ also find her on twitter
She has got me laughing and thinking at the same time with some of her awesome posts about fashion, blogging and life in general. Most importantly, her being in a D!ET HELL at the same time as me, gives me a virtual companion I have with me to monitor my food (trust me, all I think of when I see a cake is that she is still doing it, so can I!)

2. Michelle Haswell from http://www.kingdomofstyle.typepad.co.uk/ also find her on twitter @KingdomOfStyle  
She is one half of the KingdomofStyle and had been inspiring me with her outfit posts since way back when they just started blogging. You should all know, KingdomofStyle was one of the first blogs, which I got hooked on to, I would wait all week for their outfit posts, tips on fashion and new brands and designers that they would talk about. Also recently Michelle's ballet dancing posts are something I look forward to reading all the time. (I have been in love with this blog and blogger since 2007)

3. Anje Haupt from http://madeinpretoria.wordpress.com/ find her on twitter  @miss_annabanana
This one's from the city I live in, just discovered her blog last week and I have to admit, I ended up spending over an hour, just going through all her posts. She is the Mecca for creative people and is a DIY princess. I especially loved her posting on tribal print shorts and cookie mix jar. Cute and creative, two words to describe her blog. (I still have to try making the tribal print shorts myself, if only my laziness gives way)

4. Aishwarya Khanna from BlingStruck at http://aishwaryakhanna.blogspot.com/ on twitter @AishwaryaKhanna
She is a teenage kid from the city I was brought up in, in India, and I see so much of my teenage years in her. (not that I am an old nanny, alright!!) Her blog is fresh and young with an interesting insight to the current average Indian teenager's wardrobe/ lifestyle, something I thoroughly enjoy. Love to read through her posts as well, very well written and very candid. (Also I guess the love for shoes and jewelry binds us in some weird cosmic way)

5. Savannah Marie from http://www.shopebv.com/ also on twitter  @ShopEBV
What can I say, I LOVE vintage and so does she. I totally love her blog, there are so many pretty little vintage things that I find in there, that it's like a treat for my eyes. Her photo posts are also my favorite as are the little DIY tricks she shares from time to time. Some lovely things from her blog on my mind currently are the beautiful stained glass feathers and her post with the lovely old photos of her grandmother. (Ladies, you got to read the story of a jerk on her blog, seriously)

So, everyone, here's wishing you a wonderful weekend, a little in advance, and I hope you go through these lovely blogs and discover something new to read through on a lazy Sunday. much love. xx

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Getting Beach Ready...

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Part 2: Shopping Haul

Hello everyone, here are the pics from my weekend shopping. The day was spent walking around (literally crawling in the end) for hours just to spot the perfect sandals or the exact color for bikini, even the exact shape of the sunglasses, phew!! The result? a perfect most satisfying trip to the mall for me and my husband.  Check out the pics, like I told you guys on my facebook page the other day, I am in love with this label 'Country Road' and most of our shopping is from there (except the hat, sandals for S and the sunglasses). Now, I will have to work my butt off for this bikini (actually the said butt is perfect! just my muffin top needs to be shaved) so I am currently in D!ET HELL. Yeah, its been a month of crazy workouts and sensible (almost) food, now with just 10 days left, its getting even crazier around the house, with both of us competing to push ourselves harder. Me and S have had a pretty healthy start to the new year, thanks to this trip we planned! Ah! All I pray for now, is for the weather in Seychelles to clear up in Feb, because till now its been full of rain showers spread throughout. I need a clear blue sky and lots of sun to enjoy my island getaway (pray for me). xx
P.S. find me on facebook HERE love to see your likes!

mens swimming shorts

mens sandals

These are not shoes! They're sandals :)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Look of the day

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Love this Monsoon embellished tunic. Also the Sergio Rossi heels go perfectly with it, plus some rich red in accessories to jazz up the oomph. hope everyone is enjoying the weekend and looking ravishing. Be Yourself! Be Awesome!!xo

Look of the day

Monsoon embellished tunic
£135 - monsoon.co.uk

Alexander McQueen clutch handbag
$1,645 - neimanmarcus.com

Miu Miu pearl bangle
$495 - miumiu.com

Chanel jewelry
£875 - stylebop.co.uk

Clarins Gloss Prodige
$20 - bloomingdales.com

Friday, January 20, 2012

from the style closet...

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Latest shopping pics...in preparation for the island getaway!! Many more to come, this is just 3 dresses that were an impulse buy, well actually I did go to shop, but just for 1, ended up with 3 (nothing new). first one is more of a beach cover up- its a kaftan style white slub yarn jersey dress, perfect for the day with swimwear underneath (it somehow reminds me of the halston heritage dress that SJP wore, of course in 1/10th of the price, talking about the look here people! that's all!!). The second dress was an instant surprise, because it looked so freaking good on me, I had no idea (will upload pics of me wearing these fab looks soon. promise- OK wait for the pics from Seychelles ;)).
The second dress is also jersey with stretch lace on top, looks fab, feels so comfortable, unbelievable. It makes my boobs look fab and my waist look teenie tiny! Just the thing I love!!
The last dress is kind of an african tribal theme based dress, since tribal is in, I sort of wanted to give it a try. The bright mustard with chocolate brown looks nice and will be a pleasant color for the beach (you get it, these days all I can think of is the beach- correction: the island :-*).
So yeah, all these are by local South African designers, the price is dirt cheap and I love how each one fits differently, has a totally different silhouette but looks great on me (how often does that happen? really!!!)
Forgive the picture quality, I was experimenting with different light settings in my age old Sony digital. P.S. the new canon power shot I was desperately waiting for disappointed me badly with its picture quality. Yeah!
Anyways, have a fabulous weekend and go shopping, I know I will. ;)xo

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pre Fall 2012: Peter Som

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I am loving these looks from his Pre fall 2012 collection. Specially like the cotton pants with black/ blue contrast ans the lovely lace panelled blouse. Also loving the dresses. I am all for bright colors, crisp cuts and bold statement this year. Bring it on.xx

All photos via ModaOperandi @ http://modaoperandi.com/

don't forget to like my page on facebook. Your support and love is needed. xx
TinaColada for StyleScribbles.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


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How will you google about the kind of lace best suited for your latest design? Or how will you have the info on the next big fashion designer at your fingertips?
Have you ever wondered how easy your life is and why?
We know about what the world is doing in fashion, design, art or who is wearing what to which party, how is it that we know so much about so many different things? It isn't just our brains or our travels that teach us, in today's world the free and open INTERNET holds the key to the mecca of knowledge.
The benefits are endless. We blog about things and many a times, if nothing else, at least you have to go to google/wiki for reference on a word, or a phrase or just to check if you can find any more photos/ data to support your cause or your thought. Do you think your blog will not be targeted or your ways not questioned?
Ever wondered how life would be if SOPA and PIPA get passed? If it is about ending piracy, then target the required web pages/ search engines. When you target the whole platform, it's like sending a nuclear bomb to kill a cockroach!
Think about it. If you still feel your lives will remain unaltered, unaffected, THINK AGAIN!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

look of the day

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Here's a thought to ponder over on your busy terrible tuesday mornings...
This year, let's decide to follow no rules, to wear our hearts out, to establish our own style and to not be ashamed of our views. Well, as the year begins, we all make many resolutions, hard to keep mostly and forgotten by the end of the year. My one wish (not resolution, let's keep it easy, shall we!) this year is to wear what I like, of course, there are going to be a zillion trends dictating my taste (even sub-consciously, when I am not trying) but let's put together looks that might seem crazy to others, but will satisfy our inner child. Let's pledge to be the wild child that exists within all of us. Maybe, if only for a day we all dressed up as we please, the world might look like a cluster of colorful butterflies, or a lavish bouquet! who knows, unless we try!!

look of the day

MaxMara flower print dress
£460 - matchesfashion.com

Miu Miu high heel pumps
$580 - net-a-porter.com

Chanel quilted bag

Knot earrings

Gold wrap bracelet
$110 - sadeesays.com


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