Wednesday, November 23, 2011

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holiday colorz
Holidays bring memories of Joy and to me they always resemble color, LOTS and lots of color. It's the time of the year when everybody is happy, enjoying and celebrating life. Like me, many of you must be color addicts and as confused as I get at times. There definitely are times when I have such bold and bright dresses that I feel if I do repeat those, people will notice. But as many dresses as we may wear this holiday season, a few tricks can bring down our budget and satisfy our style hunger at times.

Firstly, jackets and coats- Try to find one (or two) jacket that is either in a neural color or a shade that goes with most of your wardrobe. You might also consider a bold color, in case it compliments your complexion and wardrobe perfectly. I believe it is okay to repeat a coat/ jacket, as long as it fabulously compliments your style.
Always, in your wardrobe, have a nude and a black heel. These, I have come to realize over the years, will go with almost everything and every occasion. Also important is to have an evening bag/ clutch that is a neutral shade. Again, I feel a light color can go a long way with many outfits, but sometimes, a bright shade just lights up your whole ensemble.
Even if you wear no jewelry, chances are you do wear earrings. Always make sure there is a simple yet elegant pair of studs or pearl earrings in your wardrobe. Sometimes a classic old hoop earring too does the magic.
Remember now, we don’t need to blast our pockets with matching jewelry, shoes and accessories for every dress we wear. A few compromises and some common sense can get us a lot of savings and a perfect look every time we step out.

holiday rainbow
Colors are great for holiday dressing

holiday dresses
A few dresses fit for a christmas or new years party

holiday basics
Essential holiday basics

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Anonymous said...

ok you got me - I love the silver sequin dress and pair that with the pink shoes with the white ankle straps and you have very near perfection !


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